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  1. I do indeed have the original cable, didn't even know that RS2014 came with a different one. I tried your advise on the USB hub, but it didn't make a difference. Game still says "cable not optimized..." Because I use different guitars, I always calibrate before tuning. Guitars with single coils can be problematic. I sometimes have to calibrate several times before RS will accept it. And even have to use two single coils together before the game can properly hear the guitar. But once I "pass" the calibration and tuning, the game has no problem registering the notes, so I'm cool with it.
  2. Some fret buzz will always be present on pretty much ANY electric guitar. It's just a consequence of low action. I have played plenty of guitars, from 100€ super market copies to Gibsons and AM Fenders. And there is always at least some string and some fret where there is a little buzz.. I don't even notice it anymore. It's part of an electric guitar. Pickups usually don't register the buzz. Also make sure you fret the notes right on (behind) the fret wire and the string is straight and not a little bent as this can create buzz.
  3. I have an Epiphone Les Paul 1960's Tribute Plus in vintage sunburst. It has Gibson '57 Classic pickups, which are far better than the 490R's you get on a Gibson LP Studio. It also has a set of locking Grover tuners, a step up from the Gibson as well. It looks prettier too. I'm very happy with it, and would choose this Epiphone over a Gibson Studio any day of the week. My opinion is that if you want a Gibson, you have to get a proper Gibson - the Standard or a at least a Studio Pro. Unless you are a metal guy, don't get the Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy. While these are great for heavy stuff, they aren't too good for more bluesy songs. I also had an Epiphone LP Standard. It was a really good guitar - beautiful, low action, no fret buzz, keeps in tune. The only complaint is that the pickups were a bit muddy. Not terrible, but not too pleasant. As somebody already mentioned, each Epiphone varies greatly, you might get a great guitar, or you might get a faulty one, however if you buy it from a good store, they should fix it or exchange it.
  4. I recently sold my desktop and got a gaming laptop - ASUS G750. I bought it second hand for 750€. It has Intel i7, nVidia GTX770m with 2GB of VRAM, 8GB of DDR3 (with 2 free slots), 256 GB SSD and 1TB 7200rpm hard drives. Needless to say this laptop is a BEAST! I played Assassin's Creed 4, Watch Dogs, Call of Duty Ghosts either on ultra or high settings. They run like a charm. As for Rocksmith, it looks so smooth on the matte 17" display. The only problem I have is that Rocksmith keeps complaining that the guitar volume is really low and the cable is not configured properly. Maybe cause all ports are USB 3.0... I have no idea why, but the game still works. So if you have that kind of money (and I think it's a bargain considering all you get), it's an amazing laptop. And its so quiet too, never gets hot and has incredible back-lit keyboard. I have been using computers for 14 years, but this is by far my best one. Just keep in mind that it's not exactly small or light, but you get used to it.
  5. Thanks Wepeel, I appreciate the advice. I like Nirvana (who doesn't), but that's not why I wanted to buy this guitar. I just want something new and different to my Les Paul and Strat, but yet something classic. My fingers are actually pretty long, but I prefer the shorter scale of a Les Paul. I probably won't get this guitar, I think it's too big of a risk, will probably get something more traditional instead, like a Telecaster.
  6. As somebody already mentioned, Squier Classic Vibe strats are great. I have one and it plays and feels really good. I used to have an old mexican strat, and this one I think is much better. And they only cost 300-370€ new, about 220-250€ used. I also recommend buying a second hand guitar. You can buy a mint condition American Special strat for 600€ and an American Standard for 750€. I see these guitars on sale all the time and I'm from a country neighboring Sweden. I don't really recommend buying a 1200€ new stratocaster if you are still a beginner, cause you might not like it, and you will loose a lot of money trying to resell it. So you are probably better off getting a Classic Vibe for now, and after a year you can upgrade to a Fender if you feel like it. Having said all that, I prefer a Les Paul to a strat. I just find it more comfortable and easier to play because of the shorter scale. And the two humbuckers with coil-tapping give it a very diverse tone range. So if you never tried a Les Paul, you should definitely give one a try.
  7. For me it wasn't a song, but a game - Guitar Hero. I was more into hip-hop back then, but really enjoyed that game. After a while I started liking rock, then it became my favorite type of music. Then I became quite good at Guitar Hero, so I thought to myself "I might as well try and learn to play the real thing". This was about 6 years ago. Rocksmith is one of the best things to happen to me, it really took my guitar playing to a whole new level, cause it forced me to to do stuff I was avoiding before, like play really fast and play open chords. I can do things now I didn't think were possible for me, like improvising to songs I hear on the TV, and it's all thanks to RS.
  8. I don't know why some seem to have a problem with this... I have a Floyd Rose with locking nut, and I never had any difficulty changing the tuning for Rocksmith using normal tuners. The trick that works for me is to tune it twice. First from thinnest string to thickest string, then from thickest to thinnest. It sounds right and Rocksmith has no difficulty recognizing the notes. And I never really lock the nut, I screw it with my fingers.
  9. Anybody have any experience with this guitar? I was thinking of maybe getting it - there is a good offer on one, costs about the same as a Mexican Strat. But I have no experience with short scale guitars. Normally I prefer classic guitars (I want to get a Baja Telecaster), but this one is just so much cheaper than its normal price, especially considering it's made in Japan. Any thoughts? And yes, I realize i misspelled his name, its Kurt not Curt. I suck with names ^_^ http://www.fender.com/series/artist/kurt-cobain-mustang-rosewood-fingerboard-dark-lake-placid-blue-with-stripe/
  10. Nocaster_


    Since I live in an apartment, I can't be too loud, so I mostly use either Roland Cube 20X with power squeeze, or the awesome Yamaha THR5. I use a Fender ABY pedal to connect the guitar to both Rocksmith and the Amp directly. This way I hear both the RS processed sound and the real amp sound. I set the music volume to 70%. This gives a really good and realistic guitar tone, I find.
  11. Haha, I had the EXACT same conversation, but I used purses instead of shoes (she has at least 3 same size brown purses). She said it wasn't the same. Damn right it's not!
  12. I used to play on Xbox, but after installing it on PC, I play 99% of the time on the computer. I prefer to play on a smaller computer monitor, rather than on my 55" Samsung. I find a smaller monitor easier to read the notes and otherwise I enjoy the more intimate setting. But I still use the Xbox wired controller to select the songs, keyboard is far too uncomfortable for that.
  13. I actually have an Epi Les Paul 1960's Tribute Plus as well. In Vintage Sunburst. A gorgeous looking and great sounding guitar. It really plays and feels and looks so much better than a Gibson Studio Deluxe despite being half the price. I highly recommend it to anyone. Amazing value for money. Although I like all my guitars, I use this one the most, by far.
  14. I have 4 electric guitars (Les Paul, Stratocaster, semi-accoustic guitar and Explorer with Floyd Rose and EMGs for heavy stuff). They are hanging above the couch in the living room. I also have an acoustic, a bass and a ukulele. I honestly love all of them and use them all all the time. By the end of the year I'm hoping of buying a telecaster and an SG. You can never have too many guitars in my opinion.
  15. Thanks for the answer! This makes sense. I actually have 2 game folders - I simply copy pasted Rocksmith 2014 and renamed the copy RS2014 Customs! Customs folder only has CDLS (no offcial dlc) and the bypass file, normal folder doesn't. Both work just fine, but the safe file is shared between the two somehow. EDIT: So I removed the bypass file and played for a little while, but it seems to do no difference, and doesn't bring the predicted mastery back. Oh well, small price to pay for unlimited number of custom songs I guess. :D
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