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  1. I bought a generic cable after my legit cable died with less than 50 hours of gentle use. The crap cable I got of Amazon is certainly no worse than the original sound wise. It feels cheap, but I don't really care about that for RS.
  2. I need to get a good stool. I just sit on an ottoman or my desk chair most times.
  3. I feel bad making this list, but only b/c there are still so many that I'd like to own. Hell, it's hard to justify what I've got sometimes. Nothing too fancy here. I noodle around at home, and don't make any money at it. Numbers 4,5,8 were all added in 2014. 1. Schecter Hellraiser (string-thru) 2. Epi p93 Riviera 'Royale' 3. Squire Stagemaster Deluxe 4. Squire bullet tele 5. Epi G400 Korina 6. Epi SG special (stupid purchase several years ago while traveling and bored. sell or use it to practice fret leveling?) 7. Takamine elect/acoustic (wife's, but she gave up guitar. I rarely play it) 8. Fender banjo (wife's) 9. Lanikai Uke 10. older Charvel bass 11. A strat copy. Started life as a Charvel strat in early 90's but body broken in car accident. Has a rush job solid maple body my friend and I made. Picked up the wood at the sawmill, not a pre-cut. Fairly thin/tapered and Ibanez-ish. Much more super-strat, but w/no FR. It plays okay. I kinda want to re-shape #11 and fix all the rough edges. I was just an impatient kid (17) then, and just wanted it working. I think 2 days. Pushing 39 now, and I think I could make it look much more like I'd originally imagined, and probably get it to play a bit better as well. I'm on the fence about changing it though. I worry it would loose some sentimental value. 100% certain it would be a better guitar though. I'd just cut/shape another as a point of pride, but lack access to many of the tools these days (and would need the rest of the parts too). Thoughts?
  4. I've tried a 25 that belongs to a friend of mine. He is certainly able to get some nice tones out of it. I don't care for the interface personally, but that's user preference for ya. :P I demoed the the ME-80 at the local Guitar Center, so not the best environment to judge really. It sounded fine, and it's a little more intuitive than the 25, at least to me.
  5. I can't disagree with anything anyone has already said. Digitech would not be my first choice, but they can be a lot of fun and sound pretty good. Any decent multi-fx unit gives you lots of versatility in one unit and a lot of opportunities to find YOUR sound. Last year I went through a hunt for a multi-fx, and demoed lots of stuff. I bonded with Zoom this time around, so I throw in a vote for a used Zoom G3/X. The G3/X is cheap, has an easy to learn interface, and IMO, great sound quality (YMMV of course). You also get the ability to switch on and off a few individual effects, and just generally to have more foot control so your hands can keep playing. I find them very easy to work with. FuzzyMuff brings up a good point. A complicated interface can be intimidating or distracting to any player. The worst for me is realizing I've just been fooling around with tones for an hour or two, and not really practicing per se. Sure I had fun, but I feel like I cheated myself a bit. To be fair, a pedalboard can be guilty of that too. ............I wandered off to make a drink and stayed away longer than intended. After reading my post, I had some more thoughts. I know, I know....TL;DR It's important to realize that many factory presets are going to sound like rubbish. Too heavy on the effects. To some degree, it's not as bad when playing with others, but man, they can sound waaaay over done practicing by yourself. Something I like to do, and it's easy these days when you can back up to a PC, is to go through a new multieffect and make notes on which tones I know I'll never use. I can then go in and delete/reorganize to have plenty of free slots to save my own effects to. Sound quality and ease of use sold me on a Zoom G5 near the end of 2013, and I've been very happy with it since. Not perfect but very good, and can be found new for $250 or so U.S. I was going down the road of building my own pedals, but the G5 has given me so many great sounds to explore, DIY is on hold for the time being. FYI some of the zoom stuff have mods if you like to tinker. Check out AshBass to see what I mean. I'm just waiting on my warranty to expire :-D I've never bonded with any Line6 stuff I've tried. I did keep an old bean (POD 2) around for when I travel for work and just want to use headphones. Not fantastic, but won't cry if it's stolen. The L6 HD series I've tried sounded much better than the old POD, but for me, the Zoom stuff wins in bang for your buck. I personally prefer the Zoom interface vs the HD series as well. It'll be interesting to see what changes come to L6 with the Yamaha purchase though.
  6. I've used the .63mm Clayton acetal jazz picks for a long time, but honestly, most anything in the .6-.8mm range is fine. Within sight at the moment, I see some plastic and metal banjo picks, Clayton jazz and 'regular' picks, GC picks, Fender mediums and thins, and some Dunlop nylons (don't really care for these). I assume they still make those clayton jazz style picks. I bought my last ones in the early 90s before taking a long hiatus from playing. I still had a dozen or so in an old guitar case when I started getting back into playing. I got some picks shaped like hockey masks (a la Friday the 13th) that I've been using lately, and those are fine so far too. I think the little holes for mask make it a bit more grippy. Guests find them amusing :-)
  7. I'll give another positive nod to Schecter. I have a Hellraiser C-1 (older version of the one below), and it's one of my favorites. I've done nothing to it other than the 18v mod and basic setup stuff. Feels great and hold tune very well. Tone pot is a little scratchy, but that's just wear and tear. I'm not a metal fiend, and find the 81/85 EMGs pretty flexible for less brutal stuff. Even clean, they sound pretty good to my ears. In fairness though, this is my first active-equipped guitar. http://d1zm3aiczg2e25.cloudfront.net/images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/hellraiser-c-1-bch-tilt_385x120.png
  8. Mostly playing through a VHT Special 12/20 (@12W) through a Blackstar HTV-112 Cab. Others: Fender Mustang II v1, with added speaker-out connection. I still have my first amp. It's a SS Peavey Bandit 65. Some headphone options: Zoom G5, old POD 2 (meh), and an old Rockman Bass :smile:
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