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  1. Happy Birthday AtreidesGhola!

  2. Happy Birthday AtreidesGhola!

  3. Geeze. Still not getting any notification of new messages. Going to mess with settings again, now. Hope you guys are well.
  4. Atreides Ghola, Completed Customs and Works in Progress I'm not as prolific as everyone else here; don't have as much time, and probably work at a slower pace. I had a set of customs I was working on, but considering that I've managed to finally get a good Jackson Browne sheet music book, I'm going to be working on the following: Jackson Browne - Boulevard Jackson Browne - Running on Empty Jackson Browne - Somebody's Baby Jackson Browne - The Pretender Steely Dan - Pretzel Logic Steely Dan - Don't Take Me Alive Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell (Studio, official transcription. Much dif
  5. In no particular order: Jethro Tull (5) Iron Maiden (6) James Taylor (5) Heart Black Sabbath (2, Dio and Gillian) Guns n Roses Skid Row Jack Bruce INXS PIL U2 Pink Floyd (2) Roger Waters (4...Pros/Cons, Radio KAOS, Amused to Death, The Wall) David Gilmour Sammy Hagar Van Halen The Moody Blues Alan Parsons Live Project Queensryche Night Ranger Jackson Brown Billy Joel Al Stewart Judas Priest Blue Oyster Cult AC/DC Billy Squire Def Leppard (2) Journey (2) Neil Young Crosby Stills and Nash (3) Indigo Girls (5) Bob Mould Bruce Hornsby Dio (3) Emerson Lake and Palmer Steely Dan Jeff Beck Stevie R
  6. That's a very nice guitar; the Sitka Spruce top will give it a very nice, Taylor like sound, especially with the laminate back and sides. The Fishman pickup is excellent. Good buy.
  7. My Collection, in it's current, and most likely final form, though I may pick up a Tony Iommi Epi or Gibson now that they'r reissuing them. http://i1135.photobucket.com/albums/m627/AtreidesGhola/WP_20150108_10_39_14_Pro_1.jpg 2 American Standard Fender Stratocasters; Black and White is outfitted with Dimarzio Super Distortion in the Bridge, Fat 50's in the middle, and A DiMarzio PAF 36th Anniversary in the neck. Dave Murray's electronics, basically, if not the exact looks. The switch is 3-way, not 5. http://i1135.photobucket.com/albums/m627/AtreidesGhola/WP_20150122_10_48_20_Pro.jpg Fend
  8. Crossbolt, sorry you feel that way man. Thanks especially for your Skid Row customs and Billy Joel's "Big Shot". I don't chart that much...I have 13 customs up. The first few I did, I was really very open to feedback and fixing things perceived as 'wrong' with my work. Well, it didn't take long until I was done with that...in my experience, most people who complain heavily about how a custom is charted are also people who don't make any themselves, don't donate to the site, and just complain to complain. The final straw as far as correcting customs came when I put up Diary of a Madman, a
  9. I actually didn't think much about the complexity of the bends before this. As I've said, I generally make my own gpx tabs, convert them to gp5, and use those, and I've put in complex bends before (Don't Talk to Strangers was one of the first). I never gave it too much thought since they transferred without a problem previously. There are just so many on the same notes in this song that I finally ran into an existing problem without realizing it even existed in the first place. I'm going to try my hand at cleaning these up this weekend to see how it goes. Thanks everyone for all the h
  10. So, when you look at this song before the tech notes are taken out, this is exactly what you get in the beginning solo, and throughout the rest of the song, because of the highly complex bends. I'm going over Berneer's tutorial on tech notes; I'd like to get those complex bends back into the song.
  11. Here's what Cozy1 had to say about it when he took a closer look. Just confirmed that the lock up is definitely caused by bad (multiple) BendValues on same note. When I manually removed multiple BendValues in Xml the song plays fine. Also I am seeing BendValues in the Xml associated with Chords which I didn't even know was possible. Maybe you could share with raynebc your experience. Like I said, I can not tell if it is GPA or EOF issue without more information. If something can be done to avoid this in the future, I'll gladly give troubleshooting it a shot.
  12. Started working with it again today, took out the tech notes...which I was absolutely sure I had done...and off the song went! Thanks for all the input and help. It'll be published real soon!
  13. Cozy said he'd give building it a go later tonight...he thought it might be that there are more bends than the program can handle. I'm getting tired of fucking around with it at the moment. I might shelve it for awhile and do more Jackson Browne.
  14. Okay, well...I've done all of this now and it's still crashing. I have no idea what the problem might be; it must have something to do with the tab file that I'm bringing in from GP6, because if I import any other tab, the song starts up just fine. Thanks for the help...If you think of anything else to try, I'd be grateful. Until then, looks like I'm going to have generate a tab by hand for this monstrous song. So many complex bends.
  15. @@MadMaxx Thanks, I'll give that a shot, too. @PC Plum I actually never imported the sections from the tab, and made my own for the song. It's pretty complex, and I wanted folks to be able to isolate all the little fills and riffs. I did try the song with no sections, and it still crashes. Normally, I tab out all of these either from the sheet music or by ear. This one I chose to use an already done tab for because it was just such an excellent job. If anyone is interested, here's the tab I used: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/s/steely_dan/dont_take_me_alive_guitar_pro.htm
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