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  1. I've bought a couple of cables over the years as they get rarer and rarer
  2. I feel like something poppy Grinspoon - Just Ace
  3. I don't find fidelity to be an issue, but at times their can be a lag issue. I have used Sound Blaster EVO zx at the moment, but I went back to having them plugged in. Have also used Jabra, turtle beach, Sony and Bose with pretty much the same results
  4. My fear is not so much that they go after cdlc, but that it is rendered not playable more as a side effect of the update rather than a direct attack
  5. As a kid I listened to 50's stuff - Elvis, Little Richard, Buddy Holly, pretty much everything from that era. My mum's sister used to work at a record pressing plant so my Mum had all these old 45's and test pressings. As an 11yr old I became a Beatles fanatic and listened to every song they ever released. In the early to mid 80's it was alternative and punk for me, everything from the Exploited through to the Dead Kennedy's, Black Flag, Reagan Youth, Sex Pistols, Adicts, Toy Dolls. All those things I loved, and still do, but none of them ever made me feel like I could actually play in a ban
  6. Sorry about the poor quality pics, but here is the current line up: http://i660.photobucket.com/albums/uu324/stateofflux/takaepiricibanez.jpg http://i660.photobucket.com/albums/uu324/stateofflux/takaminefendermosrite.jpg And my newest baby and current love of my life http://i660.photobucket.com/albums/uu324/stateofflux/mosrite_1.jpg
  7. Just curious as to whether anyone knows of a good similar pedal that works for bass. Really tired of having to change turnings.
  8. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/396673505678831797/3828A915E76DB9B7BF463AF46C10F25DFF4FB88B/ Here is my first attempt at joining the fun, with any chance the link will work
  9. That would be awesome - for me it would be the motivation to actually set me down the path of charting my own stuff
  10. I have guitars ranging from ones that cost $75, through to $3000, and it is my view that the ones that are the best are the ones I Iike to play the most. Of the basses I have I am more likely to pick up a Mosrite I got at a garage sale rather than the Rickenbacker that I have owned for over 20 years. With my guitars I will pick up the no name electric (it is an old Ibanez Vintage 2020, but the pin in headstock badge is missing so no one ever guesses what it is), I just like it because it is lighter and better balanced than my Les Paul when playing seated. The advice I have is find the one that
  11. The Dictators - who could not love Handsome Dick Manatoba as a frontman Sloppy Seconds - more hooks than your grand dads tackle box The Ramones - the reason I started to play, and these days it makes me sad that 15 year old girls think it is a fashion label and not the second greatest band ever
  12. Thanks for this - James Jamerson and Paul McCartney are the two reasons I started playing bass as a teenager all those years ago, so this is really taking me back
  13. I run Rocksmith on my ASUS laptop with no problems - can't remember the model but is about a year old. I have also run it on my Microsoft surface pro when out and about on the road and that was fine - no real lag that I could see.
  14. Epiphone Les Paul Custom - tuned to open e for slide usage 1970 Ibanez Vintage 2020 - main player these days Takamine GD71CE-NAT Accoustic - just because 70's Mosrite Bass - garage sale find 1979 Rickenbacker 4001 Stereo Bass (Blonde Tuxedo) - from back in the day when I played in bad punk bands in the 90's A couple of other no brand accousitcs and old bass 2 Ukulele's that I take with me when I travel. Now, if only I could play well enough to justify them all
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