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  1. Happy Birthday pokerbarlo!

  2. Happy Birthday pokerbarlo!

  3. damn right after i posted that link to boss i ordered it from sweetwater the have a sale. you can pay in 3 installments too. http://www.sweetwater.com/
  4. @@firekorn is this the pedal you use? Would this sound better?
  5. I found these down tuning effects pedals and i think it will save a lot of hassle with thicker baritone strings adjusting the trust rod bridge height to fit the larger strings just to get a good sounding drop tune. Plus all 3 of my guitars have floyd roses... I was wondering if I connect this before after the guitar before the real tone cable into the computer will rocksmith recognize the down tune? I might still purchase one for when I play at my churches worship team. but would it work theoretically It would save a lot of us a ton of hassle retuning or buying an extra guitar just to set up for drop tuning...
  6. @@Mortalo Yup I already did that lesson but it was for Chords.... Thanks @ for the single note hand mute lesson :)
  7. anyone did the lead part of sitting in my head i don't quite get frethand mutes how do you do it for single notes? just dont press on the fret and pluck? the game is registering my notes for points but I don't want to learn the wrong way I tried searching youtube for frethand mutes and it just shows videos on how to play clean.... anyone have a video close up of the frethand mute technique?
  8. where can you adjust these settings for soundblaster? Whats the best way to check for latency because I might have gotten used to the lag and played out of time? is that even possible?... lol
  9. @@firekorn wow good job how many years have you been playing? Any advice on how to transition from the game to the real world? Did you watch any other videos lessons or just youtube? Did you add music theory to your leanings to create songs? If you had advice to yourself back when you started how would you practice and which parts would you focus on to progress faster?
  10. @@Mortalo nice one bro ended up playing funk. because my new bass arrived today Supergroove! Intermediate Bass http://i1167.photobucket.com/albums/q639/Pokerbarlo/intermediate%20bass%20supergroove%20week%2084_zpsbik1fibj.jpg
  11. beginner lead part 1 sick muse now for clash http://i1167.photobucket.com/albums/q639/Pokerbarlo/week%2084%20begginer%20lead%20sick%20muse_zpsrdbpllan.jpg
  12. nice I guess this answers my question on live video tournament with backing tracks and songs completely memorized... :) FRom all the answers here rocksmith does teach us how to play except the memorization part should be a conscious effort. but that's ok cus the hard part is getting your hands fingers faster and more efficient and synchronized.
  13. ok hahaha yeah I guess I just wanted to know if withouth the track for the instruments and 3d tabs will the game teach playing outside of it... because I'm new to rocksmith and never saw a video of someone stating they learned from rocksmith and is playing outside of the game....
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