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  1. Happy Birthday bLiNx32!

  2. Happy Birthday bLiNx32!

  3. Will the CDLC also show what Bass face to pull for each note? :)
  4. bit late but only just read this, thanks for your work Mark
  5. I have experienced this a few times over the years and from memory I think 2 resolutions were to change your strings of they were tired and also pressing too hard when fretting can cause it Luckily it hasn't happened for a long time but just think back to how much your finger tips used to hurt when you started playing and have ridges, or maybe that was just me
  6. I guess that I have 2: Blue Grass music, people such as Doc Watson, Earl Sruggs and Ricky Scaggs and Alison Krauss, 'Three PIckers' is one of my most listened to albums. and for a style of music that perplexes some around me, German bands such as Wir Sind Helden and Rammstein, I don't speak German but I love listening to them and playing them in RS. A quick scan of my Ipod shows bands like Green Day, AC/DC and Reverend and the Makers but look closer and you'll see the music mentioned above, I haven't taken to hiding them in secret folders yet though ha ha
  7. For me it's bands like pixies, veruca salt, breeders green day and Nirvana from the States and inspiral carpets, pulp, arctic monkeys, Ned's atomic dustbin, the wonder stuff and Reverend and the makers. The one band that lit the fuse was AC/DC and hells bells
  8. I have one squier strat, bought to play rocksmith on as I'd always wanted to learn to play, I now longingly want a Gibson sg because since learning a little about guitars in seeing that most of the bands I like play one. I used to be one of the people who said 'why do you have do many guitars?' But now I understand
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