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  1. salmam

    CDLC Requests

    P!nk - Going to California (Bass line)
  2. salmam

    CDLC Requests

    Say what you want - Texas
  3. Dont forget about asio4rocksmith, thats all i use from now on, and it works with any audio interface Yeeeeeessssss, ASIO support is one of the most important things the new version should implement in my opinion
  4. Happy Birthday salmam!

  5. salmam


    Parsed "dlc" folder with CGT and all is OK
  6. salmam


    As I said, until the previous version everything it worked fine. I'll try that tool you tell me
  7. salmam


    Thanks for your answer When the program finishes scanning, automatically deletes the CFM folder. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still giving error
  8. salmam


    Hello, thanks for this amazing app. Until the previous version ( everything worked perfectly. But in the latter to perform the index scan, all the songs give error and end the program closes. I hope it fixed soon
  9. SOLVED!! I had the song duplicate with a numerical name, very strange, should be my son has anything changed inadvertently. I have deleted and works properly again
  10. No, it's easy. I order by title or artist and press the letter that I seek. Also I have a large collection of favorites, selected with the key "8"
  11. The same here (I'm on windows). Detect this with "Bees and Butterflies" from Girls in Hawaii, it may happen more songs... I have about 1800 customs and always waiting to finish "Enumeration downloaded content" Any solutions? I'd tried unpack and repack that song with RS Toolkit changing the ID to another of Smashing Pumpkins, but nothing Thanks in advance...
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