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  1. if you love the goofy movie much as i do, then you would know the song "eye to eye" by tevin campbell aka powerline! i just made a request form for that song, and i would love if all of you goofy fans to click like on it! thank you!
  2. My favorite song from HIM is not available but i did make a request form and i would really appreciate it if all of you go to the request list and click like on it and hopefully it will get done soon! thank you!
  3. is it dangerous to download all the cdlc songs at the same time? Do i have to download it one at of time?
  4. in rocksmith 2014, these certain notes come up in the song and it looks like a palm mute except it has white X inside the square, can someone tell what that certain note is called and how it works, is there a lesson for it?
  5. sometimes when i select a dlc to play in rocksmith, nothing pops up, i can still make noise with my guitar but thats it. I have to hold a power button on my MAC to shut it down and open it again. Can anyone tell me how to force quit the game on a MAC?
  6. what do you mean wait until its done enumerating downloadable content? can you explain that to me please
  7. i downloaded immigrant song by led zeppelin 2 days ago and today its not on my list anymore, does this mean there's a certain time limit to have dlc songs?
  8. i know how to covert songs to mac, i have freak on leash on my rocksmith, the problem is when i select the song in the game, after i do the tuning, it just freezes. btw, how is it going for you to play freak on leash in your game? any problems/complaints?
  9. i have mac, and your saying you downloaded freak on leash and it works?
  10. i downloaded another custom song and it works fine. so i really do hope the main song i want to learn can be fixed! and you mean put it in my dlc folder?
  11. okay idk whats the point of you showing me that video, i know how to download songs, the problem is when i go on rocksmith, i select the custom song i want to play which is freak on leash, and when i want to play it, it just freeze
  12. i downloaded a custom song, freak on leash by korn, when i try to play it, the game just freezes on me, is this normal or should just forget about it
  13. I would love if anyone out there can explain to me, step by step, how to download custom songs on my mac, the song i want to download is freak on leash by korn, it shows that the song is only for PC but i heard there is a way to convert it to Mac, this will be my first time trying to download a custom song so please help! God Bless!
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