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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 387

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lil +



great scores, already boys!!!!! Bravo!!!


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Hmm... I thought I had been here and posting some scores, but it seems not. Oh well.. As long as my final scores get up here. 🙂 The first song, beginners, were quite nice. I got it quite fast... so all my playing has payed of. 🙂


Then came the intermediate. They were also quite fun and different from each other. A good level for me. Today I finally nailed them. For some time I was around 99,26% (or something), but today... yeah.



Then I was thinking about the next level. And I must admit. I'm very far away from playing in the advanced level... I even think it might be rated a bit to low. Could be just another style than I usually play. I can play it nicely in 80% tempo.

The score here is more luck than talent, and I think it accepts to many wild swings at the bass. 😄


I don't think I can do it much better. 😞


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Best I could..



Only 1 pass here, did not find it to be too interesting to play, nice song though...



That is a cool song... however recognition on intro and outro sucks for me... don't know the reason... I could not play it without at least few missed notes... so annoying...


Also played Testament for fun of it and got 82.1... not bad I think 🙂


Again... only 1 pass of this one.



And this one also only 1 play


I played this one few times though... so cool song.



Now... too much going on in this main riff for me 🙂



Also I have played Testament Bass for fun of it and got 90.3... again... not bad, nearly as good as Advanced 😉


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1 hour ago, Banjoclan said:

Hi, every time I try to download An arrow from the Sun, it opens a window that just says "File 5". Is there another way to get this song?



I can see the same thing when i try to download. I don't know what happened, when I opened the topic it all worked fine. I have uploaded the file to my drive, please here is the download link:



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1 hour ago, someotherbruce said:

How do you embed a link to your screenshots?

I tried dragging files, but they were too large. I re-sized in Gimp, but am still not figuring it out.



I upload the ss to Imgur and link from there. Other Media > Insert from URL

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On 3/23/2021 at 8:49 PM, someotherbruce said:

If I wanted to try the Goo Goo Dolls and ZZ Top on rhythm and lead (and maybe bass) - would I do it as a Beginner? An Intermediate? A floater dude? Not so much for competing against other folks, but to see how accurately I could play the songs. 

Hi - cool you are here!

You may choose any difficulty you like on any path. Just post a score.


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