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  1. Been out of action for a week or two. Time to get back into the swing of things...
  2. I'm confused, what songs are we doing for the bass path?
  3. For some reason, some CDLCs show up as ODLC when loaded into CFSM. Repacking them with the toolkit does not fix them. Doesn't happen very often, any ideas?
  4. I don't think it is necessary to change it for this week. I was mostly curious as it is a bonus selection. Besides, it doesn't hurt to stretch a bit once in a while..
  5. My start for the week: I have to question the difficulty level on this one, I have yet to make it through the hard difficulty in Score Attack:
  6. Got a start on the beginner bass. Scooby's giving me some trouble tho...
  7. A little bit better on the intermediate bass:
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