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  1. I just posted some Chopin, courtesy of Chet Atkins. P.S., The dude at Riff Repeater who thinks the Mozart is jazz clearly doesn't know jazz. ;) "scratch a bit of that Jazz", he did say a bit. bit = not 100% jazz...but jazzsmith would be nice. Anyways please be respectful towards TRR as they're one of our partners. :] I'm aware of the relationship, but found his characterization bizarre. I own over 7000 jazz CDs, have listened to every one of them, and none of them remotely sound like this. Last year's Mozart via Ubisoft had a definite jazz feel, but not this one (at least not the tw
  2. Personally, I think adding a Genres section in the workshop area would be a great idea. In the meantime, if you were to start a social group just for the jazz genre, I would join in a heartbeat just to get exposure to music that I haven't taken the opportunity to fully explore, but have wanted to for quite some time.
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