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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 185


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2nd try (1st was testing last week)


yes, sounded like that cool song, yes, i can do better



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Ok, I tried The Fratellis, but forgot to make screenshots. Though a nice song, It isn't really my kind of music and Full Steam Spacemachine was calling out to me. Still kind of messy, but fun.





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My pick from ages ago :D




Should do better, if had time.

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Master of Rocksmith Championship
For Whom the Leaderboard Tolls
...And Song Selection List For All
Seek and Championship Class Lists

The Exercise That Never Comes

@@Mortalo don't worry, you're a nice douche :)

T-Rex Interactive | Box Kid Adventures

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well i have no time this week which is a pain as The Who are one of the best bands I've seen live and the My Generation track is one of the reasons i got the game in the first place, oh well, 


heres some screenies 




my first ever 100+ on Bass  :P





the Frattellis needed more time me thinks.





As did Royal Republic.





i just know i could do so much better on this as well.


might get a little more time on Saturday if the Girlfriend stops pestering me....... i think i prefer her when she's at work  :wub:

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love this song, I was familiar with it from the game and managed to the get the 100 pretty fast which I was very psyched about



I remember listening to the fratellis back when they came out and seeing this song name and thinking it was about someone literally getting their pair of nuts from a hippy, which seemed strange, listening to it closer now it makes way more sense lol



not my thing, learned the riff then just coasted


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-= weekly leaderboard update =-


leader changes:

@@macjm - Int Lead (tied with @Telboy)





Rock On!!!

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for all guitarists they want to proof and raise their skills in lead techniques I recently released those little exercise pack with 12 tracks plus their No Guitar versions. Important not only to get the 100% what shouldn't be a problem in the most cases, but rather play the No Guitar versions, only if it sounds really good the 100 will be deserved!

Lead Techniques 1 (easy)


and now we know why again I didn't had much time to play this week

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 YouTube                                                           The Phantastic 3                                                       Facebook

Captain-Sparton-weiss minimini.png

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lead, +




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That My Generation from The Who is on the beginner path with a 3.5 rating on bass i think is a big joke. Should at least be on INT with around 5 ish difficulty, because of the tricky fills, slides, bends and during the outro he switches a lot of strings, yes the are in a scale but still. I think its too much for a beginner course for the bass, anyway here goes:







Can never say no to some excellent Rush (even though i prefer the 70's version of Rush, this album is still quite solid!)




Tried again..lower score but better accuracy:


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Bassist, currently learning guitar.
Big fan of 70's Hardrock, 80's heavymetal and cheesy hairmetal


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I didn't know the song - had only today some playing time for it and it was fun.

When I uploaded my 1st score it was invisible with song finished but no values (it was a 91.x%)




To have a valid score I played it again - Kudos to the 97er and @Monsta for his 94



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