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  1. Master class sight reads and slight improvement in adv lead.
  2. @Rodman I was about to complain, that I totally rocked the the Adv. Rhythm too, with a superb score of 98.9, but then double checked and realized I had uploaded the wrong screenshot. Too late is too late. You are the well earned rhythm winner! ... but just for proof and that everyone can see the magnitude of my failure:
  3. You can post your results as often as you like. It is no problem to post iterative improvements. Look how others do it, it is most entertaining if others can follow your development and you share some of your thoughts about quality or difficulty of the song. I tend to post my first complete playthrough, my first Score-Attack and the best result at the end of the week (if time permitted me to improve on my first tries).
  4. @ HamSalad The important numbers for your rank are the Overall Accuracy Longest Streak the Score in this order. For a valid submission you need to post screenshots where we can see the accuracy and the streak too.
  5. Interesting discussion going on here. I stand with @ Rodman , purely on the basis of him not liking Simply Red. I did play some stuff this week (I should be tracking guitar for a song of my band...) and noticed I can not sight-read anymore, even with stuff that is mainly cords like this, I get thrown out whenever a lick comes up. Next one is slightly above my speed limit (again the licks):
  6. Hey there, I can not resist Powerwolf. Saarland Metal makes me reappear from the mists, unfortunately still not any better at guitar. First try: Score attack:
  7. Missing from my last post: I think feel-full playing is not my strength:
  8. Good evening, long time no see. I tried Powerwolf tonight. I think the ratings are too high. I give Rhythm a 6 and Lead a 7.
  9. It's a 95% score. Accuracy this always the most important number. Only when accuracy is equal, we will take streak and the score from Score Attack (in this order) into account.
  10. The end of the week draws near. Too bendy for me. From one of my favorite records: Hymn-Metal, I love it, but Powerwolf is always some kind of 'guilty pleasure' for me :
  11. Besides playing technique and good muting of ringing open strings, I noticed that the note recognition improved when I started to use RS-ASIO. Low latency helps.
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