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  1. Keyboard>me. My old keyboard was going bad and was sending it into sleep mode. I am swapping power supplies and thinking motherboard and its a stupid sleep key on a keyboard.... I couldn't figure it out until I was on a spreadsheet and it start doing this ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; and it finally clicked. Getting a song in early while I can.
  2. My PC crapped out on me. Please accept my awesomeness in place of this weeks songs.
  3. Ah what a wonderful reminder of my youth and what a fool I was :P And I can't see a song from the best Metal album of all time and not play it no matter how bad I do. Yes The screen shot was after the fact. i am not winning any awards with my performance anyway. Business is fast this time of year. Hopefully get to play some more. My first concert ever was KoRn before they were anything with ST in the middle and Megadeth leading.
  4. 2 bands that are always on every type of device that can play music. PC, Laptop, Car, Phone, TV, Sauna, Shower. That reminds me. i really need to get one of those Refrigerators that have tv and radio built in....
  5. Another good Jump. Will go for 96% tomorrow but am happy with 95 in MC even if I got some lucky notes:) 2 parts got me. The E to A switching and worse is the D-A-E string switch. Just a bit to fast for me.
  6. Feeling your pain @@Rodman. i will take my .4% improvement though on a MC song. The slide itself is pretty rough along with a lot of fret movement mid song.
  7. I'm FB and now I've got something to die for.
  8. What amp is that. I want one!! I could piss off the whole block and not just my neighbors:)
  9. What happened there? My desire to play the song shows:) I hit the first 19 notes apparently and I unplugged the guitar and put it away as the song finished. I will go classless now MODs @@Rodman I am a free
  10. Not a fan. Will leave it at this. Love this album. Hope some of you enjoyed it as well.
  11. Well i am just gunna be happy with play through number 1. A 3 song and not ready to move up just because i know the song well having played it so many times.
  12. I was tuned low so I with start with BM. WZ to follow
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