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  1. Is it just me, or is the first riff both out of sync (scrolls too fast) and missing a note either before or after the 2nd triplet?
  2. Thanks @diceslinger! Alright some more practice under the belt and fingers are starting to remember. Took a long while since last time this was a Championship song and this time around I'm getting more of it: I would seriously recommend a custom tone for this song, cause to me it's impossible to hear yourself playing with the muted tone they have.
  3. Oof that is still a pain in the ass. Hammer off section from 7 6 4 - 6 4 7A is getting me hard. Is that how they actually play it?
  4. I mostly view the competition as competing against yourself with others. I'm in it also (now that I have time again) to grab different music than I'd typically listen to and have a helpful impetus to keep practicing this hobby. That said, I do recall several weeks where the competitors kept one-upping each other to get closer to 100, which was pretty fun.
  5. Heyo. I'm back. I guess put me down for Intermediate Lead and Advanced Rhythm for now. We'll see how things go.
  6. I like the idea very much, and am thankful for the efforts you all keep putting into making the Championship better and better.
  7. You can sometimes hear the difference in the audio (do nothing but downstrokes on e.g. a palm muted Em chord and then switch to alternate picking to hear an example), but i'm not aware of any visual indicator on Rocksmith 2014, nor any practicable difference in the registration as long as it's all ringing out at the right time. I have the impression you can maybe theoretically use a reverse Arpeggio notation (it'd look like a rapidly cascading series of notes in the chord mashed together from high string to low string), but that seems like a lot of work.
  8. Nice picks Toni. Boys of Summer is such a good song. Thanks Rodman for the chart of the Leo cover. Some small issues with missing Rhythm in the main verse which are charted as single strum instead of the chunking along in the uhhh Drop D special pitched down version.
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