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    guitar, ice hockey, auto racing, tabletop gaming, chicks, animals
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    Fender Stratocastor (Mexican)

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  1. Happy Birthday finni_mcfinger!

  2. Happy Birthday finni_mcfinger!

  3. My Generation (Rhythm) - 94.27% This is much better! Got Ma Nuts from a Hippy (Rhythm) - 96.43% I really like this song!
  4. My Generation (Rhythm) - 91% Not proud of it, but it was all I could manage in the time between getting home from work and Pens v Caps game 7 starting.
  5. My Generation (Lead) - 97.37% I was in the midst of a really good run on the rhythm track when Windows decided that an alert about an update was more important than whatever I was doing. I really wish there was Linux support for the game. Seriously, f*** Windows.
  6. Ritual (Rhythm) - 90% Hope I'm not too late! Edit: didn't read far enough...nowhere near close!
  7. Ritual (rhythm) - 85% Just not my style, though I really like the chorus. I'm not sure about that F3 chord, even less sure about that G3.
  8. Rhythm "Lead" ;) IOU - 94% (back for SA later)
  9. Woooo! Zeppelin! Lead Who Cares - 88% (I'll be back...) 94% Kashmir - 95.23% Rhythm Who Cares - 95.68% Blues Comping 1 - 91.43%
  10. Lead Imaginary - 92% Rhythm Back in Black - 89% For the Girl - 83% My hands are weak, I guess. For the Girl was pretty rough. I could do better, but I keep getting fatigue. I need to take my hands to the gym. :)
  11. Rhythm: Black Me Out: 90.86% 91.52% Lead: Bored to Death: 94.33% Black Me Out: 84% 91.22% I'm having some issues with Black Me Out. It seems to not register randomly. I'll get the strums around the miss, and I'm just holding the rhythm. I guess I need new strings or to check intonation.
  12. I regret that I won't have more time. I really wanna work up to Sabbath! I think the April Fool's joke is that the ELO track should be a rhythm track. :lol: Evil Woman - 91.38%
  13. Thanks! Been lurking for a couple weeks. Decided to get in on the fun!
  14. Lead I'm Picky - 96% Rhythm I'm Picky - 93.66% Ride to Live, Live to Ride - 95.09% 98.59% Der dicke Darm - 95.63%
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