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    Started playing bass Sept 2016 and I'm totally addicted!

    Had a few guitar lessons at school and only ever really noodled about on and off since then. Never really made progress, even on Rocksmith, then I picked up a bass! I suck even worse than before at guitar now! :lol:
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    Squier CV Telecaster & Epiphone Les Paul Standard
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    Marcus Miller V7 Sire & Ibanez GSR200SM

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  1. Heads up to organisers, my bass score's been put on the wrong track...played Dark Tranquility, not Lola on bass :P (Dammit! Just got that song out of my head and it's back now!) :(
  2. ARGGHHH!!! Got friggin Lola stuck in my head!!!
  3. Lead- Did attempt in SA mode after many LAS attempts, but didn't improve on it. Maybe tomorrow. Rhythm B-B-BASS! Started to enjoy this when I zoned out the vocals :lol:
  4. I do like the Sword, only ever play them when they come up in the Championship though....those spaghetti strings! ^_^:D Had been intending to get back into learning guitar again for AAAAGES, but I've just been too addicted to bass! :P With my recent wrist issues I've found the lighter strings are kinder to me so I've started a new profile and started over with Dynamic Difficulty on. If only my stupid brain could get itself round orange notes not being the high E string that would be grrreat! ^_^ Really struggling to get used to using a pick again, but this week's beginner's lead is fairly kind :lol:
  5. Late attempts due to my wrist (again!) as well as elbow and back...I feel so creaky and broken! :unsure: :lol: $£*% bends! <_< Love this track. :)
  6. The adv and mc bass tracks were swapped, sushicat. You get Dimmu Borgir.
  7. Got this earlier in the week, hadn't noticed I'd gone LAS instead of SA So I thought, oh I'll get the 100 in score attack next go...HAH! :D This has had me tearing my hair out, the hundo-tremors kick in and I fluff up in some stupid way every time! :rolleyes: ......99.80% every time! (there were many more restarts than the play count suggests!)
  8. Got to that bit with the quick shifted double stops on the A&D strings and the string skipping - @@Rodman I see why you would find this easier than Mr Big, you guitarist you! <_< :P :D http://i.imgur.com/vfG1SIK.png?1 http://i.imgur.com/i2dxwFv.png?1 DEFINITELY easier than that Dummy Burger double stop nonsense! :P I don't think there's any section I would need to riff repeat on this, I just fluffed a few notes randomly. Dimmu Borgir, on the other hand, I would need to riff repeat the section I mentioned. Oh and this week is my Championship and bass playing "1st birthday"! Yay! :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :D One whole year of die hard mode every week since 149! I'm considering going Freebird now. :)
  9. For future reference (way, waaaaayyyy in the future!) had to give Jaco a go. http://i.imgur.com/VKK6BUA.png?1 Irrefutable proof that if you flail your fingers around and hit enough strings fast enough, some of the notes you hit WILL be correct at the right time and even with all the wrong notes you'll still sound like Charlie Brown's teacher! :lol: :D With that I'm done in again.
  10. Another late entry due to wrist issues still. Hope I can get back to try-hard mode soon! I need some wins! :P http://i.imgur.com/g62VoiU.png?1
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