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Booze Mega-thread!


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Blue Moon Belgian White

Paulaner Hefeweizen

Micro brews - stouts, browns & porters (especially a good vanilla porter)

And lately a lot of the Leinenkugel beers.

Like trying out new beers, and going to the Great American Beer Festival.

(I worked for 22 years at the Adolph Coors Brewery.)

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In Colorado there is no shortage of excellent brews. In Korea there is a huge shortage. But for now, overall favorite is Maharaja by Avery in Boulder. Followed closely by Hop Czar by Bridgeport from Portland Oregon. Here in Korea the best thing I've found that isn't 10 dollars a bottle is Queens Ale by Jinro. It's almost an American Style Pale Ale. 

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I just tried to Arrogant Bastard for the first time this past weekend. If you like IPA I highly suggest you try it.

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Tanqueray and just about any mixer that goes with it.


I have a 30+ year old bottle of Vermouth that makes the smoothest martini you'll ever have.  Mix that with the Tanqueray  mmmmmmm.


As for beers, the darker the better.  Never could see the appeal of Budweiser in this country.

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Faxe has 10 alc % and come to you in 1 l or 1/2 l cans

I had a great time trying out as many German beers as I could when I was there for a couple of weeks during Oktoberfest in 1993.

My younger brother who was living close to Freising introduced me to Hofbrauhaus Freising Huber Weisses.

To this day I still think that it is the best beer that I have ever tasted.

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