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  1. Happy Birthday ArnoldRimmer!

  2. Happy Birthday ArnoldRimmer!

  3. Nice to see some Marcus Miller being made. Strangely I never play slap style with Rocksmith. Whereas when I started playing, that's pretty much the first thing I tried. I remember giving Rampage a go - isn't too difficult.
  4. Thanks for setting this up. These songs are the reason I bought a bass. Annoyed I don't have my bass with me right now. Lots of great songs lately.
  5. Thanks for these. Funky Broadway was stuck in my head for ages.
  6. Thanks, have been enjoying this project.
  7. Looking forward to these, just the kind of songs I enjoy playing.
  8. Worked on a new song. Tested first section and it was absolutely fine. Went on to complete the tab but now it doesn't seem right in Rocksmith. Any ideas? Download - http://www.mediafire.com/download/0zhgah4piiw9yiz/Tower-of-Power_Funk-The-Dumb-Stuff_v1_p.psarc Song is -
  9. Thanks for these tunes. Just a suggestion: http://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/staple-singers-i-ll-take-yor-there-submitted-by-www-nicebasslines-com-bass-tab-s387022t0 When i was doing customs I liked using tabs from this website (nicebasslines). Seems like a nice track to have on bass. EDIT: Just saw your WIPs, awesome collection!
  10. I just stumbled across the tab and liked the bass line. I hadn't even heard of Bruno Mars until the superbowl. Here is a fun one. The audio is a bit crap because the tab is for the Mononeon cover of this song from youtube. Gwen McCrae (Mononeon cover) - Rockin' Chair - Download - YouTube
  11. A new one: Bruno Mars - Treasure - Download - YouTube I will submit these to the database soon.
  12. Yeah, I replied to you in the request thread. I assume we both used the same tab so no doubt the same, could have saved you doing the bass though.
  13. This person's tabs seem pretty accurate and the bass seems like good fun, just as a suggestion - http://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/nine-inch-nails-all-time-low-live-submitted-by-www-nicebasslines-com-bass-tab-s387020t0
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