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  1. Happy Birthday engleg!

  2. Happy Birthday engleg!

  3. Happy Birthday engleg!

  4. Happy Birthday engleg!

  5. Happy Birthday engleg!

  6. Happy Birthday engleg!

  7. I agree with Bornwild. Rocksmith customs would not exist without your never ending hard work developing and upgrading the EoF software. Thanks
  8. I agree with @@Mac66 commits. I have donated once and would be willing to donate again in the future. It sounds like you are not wanting to have a huge amount of funds in your Paypal account. If you ever need extra funds for major upgrades don't feel bashful putting the word out to the members for help. I know there are a lot of people on this site that would be willing to help to have this site be as trouble free as possible.
  9. I tried to donate on the first day but the site was not accepting any more donations. I was able to donate on the second day but unfortunately missed out on the cool 'day one donator' status.
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