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Booze Mega-thread!


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Everything booze related, post it in here!


Stories, favorite drinks, shameful regrets, they all belong here.


Especially the shamefull regrets those are always fun to read. If they don't happen to you at least.


Now, as for me, i always go with beer, being Dutch, Hertog Jan is my drink of choice. Try it if you can, its awesome.



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Best memory I have involves schnapps, a Loki costume, and a poor unsuspecting Pizza Hut delivery boy.


Most recent however would be my birthday back in January, not sure how it ended up this way but I was huddled in a corner with a large glass of straight Costco-brand vodka for a solid 20 minutes. Shit's nasty.


I'm broke most of the time so I'm cheap as holy hell when it comes to booze. Smirnoff, Pinnacle Vodka, UV Blue, 99 Apples... 

Mothman is real and he sold me coke in a dimly lit JC Penney's.





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worst was when i was 13 went to the pub with my brothers and they got me sh*t faced  when i got home went to the toliet fell asleep on it an woke up needing to vomit which i did all over myself...... so in my addled state i decided to undress cos it stank an wondered into the kitchen naked where my sis was having a party with a few gilfriends from school..... (same one i when too.) never seen my dad move so fast with a towel ever lol.

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I've never gotten drunk now that I think about it... also I don't drink a lot lol, might be that.

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Playing since:

November 11, 2013.


Favorite Genre:

Heavy Metal \m/ (specifically Death Metal, Power Metal, etc. and the heavier stuff) 



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I get really overly confident about my playing when I've been drinking haha :) 


I'm usually really timid and humble about it, but when I drink I just wanna show off my stuff to everyone

I'm probably not as good as when sober but I sure think I sound great haha

Don't take life too seriously. You will never get out alive.

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drank boones farm wine all the way to a yes concert (about a 5 mile walk), and while sitting way up in the audi, started bedspins and needed to vomit. so i started jogging down the steps and about half way down some people were congregating, milling about in the walkway, slowed me down and a girl in a white dress turns around to face me, BLECKHHKH  all over her. 

didn't wait around to find out what happened. just went to the restroom and used another entrance when i went back in.

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Scotch, always.  I have cheap tastes, though.  I have paid a good bit for bottles of high end stuff but always seem to come back to Johnnie Walker Black label.


Oh, and if you get enough of it in me I can tell you a story that is over 20 years old that you just will not be able to believe, at least until you figure out it would take someone more creative than myself to make something like that up.


Not suitable for the board as I am sure there is at least some members under the age that they should be reading about scotch, questionable women and decisions you regret for the rest of your life.

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