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  1. +1 on the Radial BigShot ABY. I have it and also recommend it. It also has a ground lift option, which I have found handy when throwing a PC running Amplitube into the loop.
  2. In my case, I always set my in-game guitar volume to 0 and play through my amp. I like having to think about how I would approximate the tone of the song outside of the game. One of the major reasons why RS is superior to learning just from tabs is that you can exactly hear what you are supposed to be playing. After intense playing for a couple of month, I get the feeling that I start to hear where my fingers are supposed to go (which is super awesome). Because of this, multitracks are not great for the purpose of learning the song. And maybe this is one reason why so many people voted for "no". I sort of agree. If you have never heard a song before, or even if you've heard, but just haven't played it much yet, then having the studio guitar track to guide you is helpful. But if you really want to be able to play the song outside of the game, then having the original guitar muted helps you to really listen to yourself and listen to the backing band for your cues. Multi-track plus no Rocksmith chart of course is even better at forcing you to learn it. We're lucky to have so many tools in the toolbox these days.
  3. I haven't played any Rocksmith in a while and just came back here today to see if any new Beatles songs had been posted. I am pysched out of my mind to see some Beatles multi-tracks, especially for Something. I agree with you...I can't imagine why on earth people wouldn't like this. If you want to play with the full band, you can. If you want to duck the lead guitar track, you can. How awesome is that!? Track ducking was the missing link in this "game", especially compared to BandFuse, and now we have it. I am going to go play for hours right after this post. I'm also going to see what other multi-track Beatles files I can find out there. Having the Rocksmith custom chart is nice, but the really awesome part is just having access to the multi-track recordings.
  4. This is definitely my preferred way to play now too. I had too many times where I thought I knew a song, and then I would try to play it for someone and it sounded horrible when I played through an amp. The solution: play through an amp all the time. Especially for new guitarists, it's one more thing you need to learn anyway...how to craft your tone outside of the game, and how to switch it while you are playing live. I also find that having my amp sound separated and loud helps me really hear and focus on my guitar apart from the game's original track. It also forces me not to flub my way through something when my family is around to hear it. :p
  5. There's a whole lot of welcoming back and very little answering his original question. Aren't there any admins or site devs who can help him with a bulk upload?
  6. Meh, I'm going to hold out for the Bieber 10-pack.
  7. Looking forward to trying it out. Unfortunately I won't be able to until tomorrow...but I'll be sure to leave feedback.
  8. There was a bunch of Pearl Jam posted on the old site, and I still have it downloaded locally. I would repost it here for the community to use, enjoy, and learn from, but apparently that upsets the delicate sensibilities of our most revered charters.
  9. Phew, good job. That was close. We almost got the benefit of playing those songs! Thank god they are now safely removed from the site so no one may ever make use of them again. Hurray!
  10. Hmm, suspending operations sounds *exactly* like the entire staff was laid off to me.
  11. I have it. Used it a couple of times and then just lost interest. Even though I was a beginner when I started with Rocksmith 17 months ago, Rock Prodigy still felt pretty basic to me. And basic can get boring fast.
  12. Essentially, yes. It saves as a .wav file, but you can use some other software to convert it into a .mp3. Note though that what it does is takes whatever your settings are for the track muting at the time you click "save audio" and applies it to the whole song. I wanted to save A Tear For Eddie with the guitar muted. But in the original mp3, the clean guitar in the beginning is located in a right channel and the distorted guitar towards the end is in the center channel. Classic rock, especially the Beatles, has its own set of problems though, as the mix tends to be very "flat" so there is no way to mute the guitar without muting the rest of the band and the vocals on many songs. Most songs won't have problems like this though. Just pointing out that ymmv on how good the muting is.
  13. I always thought that a good red wine and a good cup of black coffee are tied equally for the title of World's Greatest Beverage. It just depends on what time of day it is as to which is the current winner.
  14. OK, honest question here. I do appreciate the efforts of our custom content creators, and I don't mean to belittle that. But why exactly do we want to leave CDLC behind? In the scenario above, where the original author is long gone, both from this site and from SA, why wouldn't we want someone to just post it here so people can make use of it? And further, why wouldn't we want to embrace more of an open source model where anybody and everybody is free to add improvements to existing CDLC?
  15. I know this has been brought up before, but I haven't seen it go anywhere...so I'll bring it up again. Am I the only one who really wants CDLC with a guitar-less backing track used as the music? As an example, I've been playing More Than A Feeling since it was first released in RS1. Now I want to challenge myself by playing it without the lead guitar track at all. I can do that by going to guitarbackingtrack.com or by buying the song on Jammit. I've done both of those things, but still find myself preferring the Rocksmith interface. Can't we have the best of both worlds? All we would need is someone to use an mp3 without the lead guitar part when packaging up the CDLC. Anyone else interested in this? Basically, we can bring BandFuse's ducking feature to CDLC.
  16. The commitment to defending intellectual property rights in this community is quite laudable!
  17. I have Ween's A Tear For Eddie from back in the Smithy Anvil days (my all-time favorite song to play in the game!). I have two questions: - The original author did not break it into sections. I want to practice just the more difficult parts at the end. Is it possible to "unpack" it in some way, modify it to add sections, and package it up again? - If I do that, since the original author seems to be long gone, is it kosher if I upload it? Or is that infringing upon the rights of the original charter? (said with as straight a face as I can muster!)
  18. I looked at the Behringer AB100. It is not a splitter, it is a switch. You can switch between A or B outputs with the footswitch, but you can't send the output signal to both at the same time.
  19. Beatles, Led Zeppelin, SRV? These are not things that girls like (for the most part). There's a few Maroon 5 songs that can work. Not sure if One Republic is in CDLC, but it's on Jammit. JustinGuitar.com has an acoustic version of Hit Me Baby One More Time. These are all more likely to get the ladies to sing along.
  20. Sam Smith's Winter Welcome! I look forward to Christmas time every year just so I can have this beer again. :p
  21. Impossible to answer! Just like I'm not sure what my favorite movie is. But the candidates come to mind quickly for me: Beatles - The White Album Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Pearl Jam - Yield Radiohead - OK Computer Nirvana - Unplugged If I could only listen to one of those for the rest of my life, it's REALLY hard to choose, but I'd probably have to go with the White Album. First, it's a bit of cheating since it's a double album. And the range of music on it is so diverse...it's hard to ever get bored of it. EDIT: i'll just add that Nirvana Unplugged is the close second..just great from beginning to end, and Where Did You Sleep Last Night? is probably the greatest end to an album ever. Kurt left nothing on the table on that one.
  22. Why would the number of registered users bother you? And why would it have anything at all to do with "getting on and navigating"? I was an original donator on SA and didn't login for a long time, and came back one day to find my account gone. Majere restored it and gave me back my donator status, but I don't understand the aggressive purging of accounts. What, all those user ids in the database are making it too "heavy"? Like my wife who says she doesn't install apps on her phone because it "slows it down".
  23. Ha ha, yeah, if only there were a way to listen to music like that!
  24. If all the tabs from Ultimate-Guitar were taken down, and a replacement tab site sprang up, I think we would all find it kind of silly if the new site took a stance that only the original tabber could upload the tab to the new site. We would all just assume that someone would take care of a mass import to the new site. I don't really care...I actually don't play customs that often (hard enough to keep up with the official DLC)...I just find this whole walking on eggshells thing around the precious creative talents of our original charters a little odd. I'm not saying it's not hard work and that I don't appreciate their efforts, because it is and I do. But come on. The content is out there. Why not just get it into this site so it can be better organized?
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