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  1. I vote yes. But I don't understand the need for all parts. Is it correct that every official song has all parts? Also if the custom is to match an official song, I think that a lot of people creating customs will fall short, even though the customs are fairly accurate and very playable. For example, while I have no idea whether my 2 customs are any good (no feedback yet- hint hint!), riff repeater seems to work fine, yet I have no idea how that happened nor even how to make riff repeater not work, let alone all the other little idiosyncrasies needed to match official songs. Just my 2 cents worth (not worth much - Aussie dollar :-P)
  2. At this moment in my cdlc creation career ( I have only managed to create 2 customs) I feel that it is important to have a very simple form of acknowledgement of the standard of the cdlc: 1. Is it playable (does it work in RS, synced, doesn't crash, etc.) 2. Is it relatively accurate to the original (when you play it, does it feel like you are actually either playing the song or you are part of the band). I realise that this leaves a lot of grey areas, but at least it may lead to a worthwhile download. It is difficult as a new creator as stated by steroma above, to know whether your custom has any value at all. Both of my creations have had absolutely nil feedback regarding whether the custom even works. I have had a few thank yous, but no actual feedback as to the playability of the custom at all. So if there was some simple checkboxes, eg, Is it playable? Yes or No. Is it close to the original? Yes or No. This may give some decent feedback and actually result in the responder giving a bit more information to assist the creator to improve their customs. No idea if this makes sense, but it's late, I'm tired and just want someone to say something about my customs. Sorry for the ranting.
  3. I am new to creating customs and am currently working on some classic Joe Jackson songs from the late '70s. I would appreciate some feedback before submitting the customs to the database. I have finished the first one here: It's Different For Girls - DD Thanks
  4. Altered tab slightly and changed scroll speed. Removed DD as unnecessary for this song and interferes with learning it for beginners. If there is no more feedback I will submit this to the cdlc db. Download here
  5. Tone added. Version 2. Please leave any feedback. Download here.
  6. Thanks to all for your time and efforts!
  7. Thanks Antihez! I wasn't sure how the tones worked, especially as I thought it just defaulted to a clean tone. I'll get on to it asap.
  8. Hi Firstly I apologise for reposting but I had trouble linking in IE, so now I use chrome. I have just completed my first custom and really need feedback so I can continue with confidence to create more customs. This song is just an acoustic guitar and vocals. Not too difficult to play nor to create. I'm not 100% happy with the lyrics. Also it is best learnt at 100% dd, just slowed down with riff repeater. Download link. Any feedback greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi I have finished my first custom and would really appreciate some feedback. I am very excited by finishing this, but am extremely frustrated. Unfortunately whenever I try and associate the link to my dropbox via the link icon in the formatting box, it just hangs. I don't know if I am doing anything wrong or if there is another way to attach the link. Cheers I figured it out so the link is below.
  10. pgboyd I have goplayalong and have synched some songs with tab. They are saved as .gpax files. How do you import this into eof?
  11. Would love to see other styles. To that end I am endeavouring to make some customs. First up, some Ben Harper. Then hopefully some Elvis Costello and on, and on...
  12. Yeah. Thanks shrubbery. I want to be able to listen to songs without a guitar plugged in or even without the cable plugged in.
  13. I tried doing this but it would be a much better learning process if this was all available within RS. Maybe I just want the perfect software.
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