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  1. I was fairly certain I bought Lamb of God "Omerta" as real DLC replacing old CDLC. Now I don't see it in game or on STEAM. There is also only one copy in the CDLC database but it's only lead. I know for a fact there were multiple CDLC versions in the past with bass and guitars ( I have several in old backups). Can anyone confirm if I have officially gone insane or some crazy Mandela effect stuff going on possibly?
  2. Is there anyway to like batch kill the lyrics similar to app ID updating? When playing 2 player it is just impossible to play the bottom half sometimes when the lyrics aren't properly setup. They end up covering all your upcoming notes and it would be great to just get rid of all of them. I don't really want to try and remove them individually. Setting up the lyric phrasing might be something good to add into the stickied tutorials if it's not already there. Stress the importance of how the phrases display if not configured correctly. A little side by side of how 1 player may be fine but not 2 player.
  3. I got it , thanks though! It was super easy once I tried. I was just afraid of pulling something game crashing and wrecking the inaugural run. Playing with fresh profiles is just a pain 2 player trying to remember which ones are in that sweet spot of challenging but not impossible for both. I did see your post about away games and enacted a library share to keep them synced like you mentioned so thanks for that idea.
  4. I got it working. Just had to go for it with the CGT transfer option.
  5. I wasn't having any luck finding info on this. Sorry if there is already a thread. Trying to take our multiplayer saves over to a friends PC but he has his own Copy so I was trying to figure out if it is possible to transfer the saves over? If anyone has a link to instructions that would be appreciated. I did see the transfer option in CGT but that is not super specific on what you need where, whose profile ID , etc.
  6. I have an old one from I picked up from SA but it is not very good (only copy I have ever come across). Would be better off trying to put in a request for someone to make a new one. The back track is pretty compressed and sync is pretty bad.
  7. Yes, be careful with heavy gauge... I use DR DDT on all my bass'. If you are using stock tuners they are likely to eventually give out if you are pushing them back up to standard tuning (As I do). I recently had a peg sheer off which made a rather exciting popping sound as the string and peg went flying. To remedy this I have cannibalized the tuners off a 5 string for the higher tension pegs on the 4 strings. I would imagine this is one of those questions that will vary wildly based on your guitars tuners and age. As dazedandbemused said be careful with the nut too. I destroyed one of those and had to replace it . If you go too far you will have a nasty buzz that can basically only be properly remedied by replacing the nut. My guitar player also uses the E.B. "Skinny Top Heavy Bottom" strings suggested by MOZ. Though he can generally tune down to B and notes recognize OK they are pretty sloppy tension wise. C standard is the lowest he like to play on them and that is even pushing it.
  8. I have a very similar routine and second just about everything except the water part . I find the Captain or Beer to be much better to keep the old muscles loose lol, true but lol. I really only seriously started playing when the original RS launched and all the things the O.P. is describing are totally normal as you are progressing and getting stronger. Eventually your callouses will never peel again and you will have iron finger tips. I call the wrist lock "Da PUMP!" and it will happen less and less. To elaborate on what Frack said if I get excited and rushed I will clamp my muscles tight, calm and loose is faster and less fatiguing. If you stick with it and use generally sound technique you will eventually be able to for hours and hours with no problem.... I always play standing so its usually around hour 4-5 my back starts to hurt worse than anything else. Good luck and stick with it!
  9. Since RS2011 6. 2 started dying, 2 actively used , 2 stashed for the looming extinction. The 2 that started to die were weird. I run a splitter setup and the audio to the amps started to get quiet and note recognition got poor. That said they were original RS2011 cables so they had a couple thousand hours a piece on them.
  10. bummer... I just had it happen to me.... hope this posts
  11. That did the trick! It was the 48khz that did it for me. The DR22 will not let me go to 16bit but seems to run fine on 24bit.
  12. It only lists ASIO in the specs and thats all the driver program included. I had to install the ASIO driver before it would work in windows. Now maybe there is something 3rd party driver that could force it but I didn't delve that deeply. I am going to double check those audio settings when I get home but pretty sure tthey are setup correctly. Steinberg DR22 should have WDM drivers as well! It works in windows right?
  13. I had no luck using my Steinberg DR22. My config is set exactly like Motive... and no dice. Game gives me an error that no audio device is detected and tells me to close. Believe it all depends on your output compatibility. RS can't do ASIO (which is what mine uses). Looks like the U46Xl Esi has multiple modes (WDM being the magic bullet).
  14. In case it wasn't clear one of your recently downloaded songs is the likely culprit. Multiple copies of the same song (I.E. 1.0 and 2.0 of same tune) can also cause it. It's kind of a risk you take with CDLC. There is a save utility available on the boards that allows you to make backups of your savegame and cleanup the DLC folder. Something you should definately look into. In practice I rarely download songs from un established creators without at least a few positive reviews. "this is my first custom" is a phrase that raises red flags for me.
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