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  1. Makes perfect sense now that you point it out. Thank you for your help. Cheers! p.s. not sure what happened, but my original RS content started showing up again after I ran the manager.
  2. thanks so much. very helpful and problem fixed. perhaps you can help with something else? i have a bunch of songs with an 'X' where the mastery percentage should be in the learn a song listings. some are customs and some are original dlc. i have run them through these toolkits but it didn't change them. I can still play the songs and stats show up when I open the songs but they still show up with the 'X'. do you know what causes this??
  3. I downloaded the Toolkit and Wise, and began fixing songs that were crashing. About half of them worked fine and seem to not crash in RS2014 but the others come up with an error at generation. Basically, this is the message. One or more fields are missing info... 'PackageVersion is missing...' I'm not computer illiterate, but not anywhere near a software developer either. Thanks for any help.
  4. ibanez rg921 is my newest toy. still getting used to it. http://www.ibanezrules.com/images/new/pages/RG921FBK.JPG also have this nice washburn WI67 pro http://c1.zzounds.com/media/quality,85/rotate,45/06_WI-67ProFTS-c1e0169a584dd78a16026b93f0f5390b.jpg
  5. drank boones farm wine all the way to a yes concert (about a 5 mile walk), and while sitting way up in the audi, started bedspins and needed to vomit. so i started jogging down the steps and about half way down some people were congregating, milling about in the walkway, slowed me down and a girl in a white dress turns around to face me, BLECKHHKH all over her. didn't wait around to find out what happened. just went to the restroom and used another entrance when i went back in.
  6. i see a lot of 4.5's. is that a 5.00 donation? and if it is what happened to .50? is that a paypal charge? i know curiosity killed the cat. :???:
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