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  1. Not enough time...

  2. I agree that the charter does a lot of work, and absolutely credit should be given when you're uploading somebody else's work -- taking credit for somebody else's work is just plain rude. However, a charter should not be able to claim "ownership" over a CDLC as it was never their IP to begin with. The "rocksmith content" of a CDLC not made by the actual rights-holder of a song should be considered "public domain." It doesn't make sense to claim any sort of right over a CDLC unless you own the copyright on the actual song! This is a tricky issue, and I certainly want to see charters get the
  3. I don't want to start a flame war, but this does seem a bit precious to me. It's not like the charters wrote the songs or played in the recordings, and often they've used tabs created by others. Yes charters put a lot of work into making CDLCs, but I don't think there should be a problem with making available a CDLC made by someone who isn't on this website, unless you're also going to prevent CDLC that wasn't uploaded by the rights-holders of the actual song! The 'original charter' should be given credit out of politeness, but the idea that a CDLC is "owned" by the creator seems at odds with
  4. If it's a really small thing to add DD with the toolkit, then the maker should add it. For those that dislike DD, it's an even smaller thing to level up a song inside Rocksmith. Even when fully levelled, having DD makes it easier to tell the sections apart as you get bars with recognisable heights, instead of just thin lines. I agree with BHMath; an approved CDLC should be as complete as an official DLC.
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