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  1. I've had that happen a few times. Try running the converter again (or even downloading and converting again). Sometimes that fixes it. Other-times not. You may need to sacrifice a goat.
  2. Not enough time...

  3. Easier for who? This makes it very difficult to tell if you've already got the same version. Files that are different should have different names!
  4. Is there a need to convert the spaces to underscores? I've got CDLC with spaces in the filenames and they work just fine. My tweak to @@DarkAngel's scheme would be: "[Artist Name] - [Track Title] - v[#.#]_[p|m].psarc" (or otherwise extentioned for their platform.) e.g. Linkin Park - In The End - v1.3_p.psarc Drowning Pool - Bodies - v2.3_p.psarc This makes it a little easier to see, IMO.
  5. How can you know if a version will be the "final" version? There might be further improvements made later; a slightly better tone; improved sections for riff-repeater; better automatic dynamic difficulty algorithm; a new bonus arrangement; etc A version number less than 1.0 should signify that the creator still thinks the CDLC is not yet complete; 1.0 or greater should signify that the creator "thinks it is done", but there's no way to know if the 1.0 really will be "final." Mistakes happen!
  6. I'd like to see the version number in the filename too; makes it easy to see what version you've got installed locally.
  7. What happens when a CDLC has problems and the charter hasn't made any updates for months? What is the polite way to submit a fix? I'd like to see CDLCs viewed more like open-source projects that anybody can improve upon, rather than "exclusively owned" by the original charter. I admit I've not made any CDLCs yet so my opinion shouldn't count as much as a charter's. OTOH if there was a nice way to submit fixes to neglected CDLCs, I might actually spend the time to do it for a couple that have been bothering me, and everybody wins. Perhaps related -- if I do submit any CDLC it will likely be for songs I've composed myself (though I'm not sure if there's any interest in this sort of thing), so I can see the value in the "uploader wants exclusive ownership" model vs the "open-source-anybody-can-improve" model.
  8. I agree that the charter does a lot of work, and absolutely credit should be given when you're uploading somebody else's work -- taking credit for somebody else's work is just plain rude. However, a charter should not be able to claim "ownership" over a CDLC as it was never their IP to begin with. The "rocksmith content" of a CDLC not made by the actual rights-holder of a song should be considered "public domain." It doesn't make sense to claim any sort of right over a CDLC unless you own the copyright on the actual song! This is a tricky issue, and I certainly want to see charters get the credit for all their hard work and gifts to the community. I don't know who was banned or what the relevant songs were, I'm just concerned with this curious double-standard -- it's like trying to sue somebody for copyright infringement because they made a copy of your bootleg concert recording.
  9. I don't want to start a flame war, but this does seem a bit precious to me. It's not like the charters wrote the songs or played in the recordings, and often they've used tabs created by others. Yes charters put a lot of work into making CDLCs, but I don't think there should be a problem with making available a CDLC made by someone who isn't on this website, unless you're also going to prevent CDLC that wasn't uploaded by the rights-holders of the actual song! The 'original charter' should be given credit out of politeness, but the idea that a CDLC is "owned" by the creator seems at odds with the fact that the "creator" doesn't own most of the content of the CDLC, and it's all provided as a gift to the community for educational purposes. The administrators of the website can obviously dictate whatever rules they wish, as its their website, but this does seem oddly inconsistent to me.
  10. If it's a really small thing to add DD with the toolkit, then the maker should add it. For those that dislike DD, it's an even smaller thing to level up a song inside Rocksmith. Even when fully levelled, having DD makes it easier to tell the sections apart as you get bars with recognisable heights, instead of just thin lines. I agree with BHMath; an approved CDLC should be as complete as an official DLC.
  11. I had really bad trigger finger in my ring finger. It was just annoying for awhile but eventually it transformed into full-on peripheral neuropathy; a lot of the time it felt like my hand was being continually slammed in a car door. Not fun at all. If your trigger-finger isn't too far gone, you can get a cortisone injection into the tendon that will do wonders. It hurts a lot for 8 hours after the injection, but it thins out the tendon and will help mild cases. It completely cured my right hand. I ultimately had to get surgery for my left hand - they scraped the tendon to make it thin enough to fit through the tendon sheath properly. After the surgery you need to do a bunch of exercise with the finger to get everything working properly; the surgery worked out great for me - a very tiny scar. I wish I had gotten it done sooner. I was worried when starting the guitar that this might bring back my trigger finger problems, but if anything it has had the reverse effect -- my fretting hand fingers have never been stronger & happier.
  12. Yeah the only thing I've been able to do via the Mac GUI is convert from PC->Mac format. Everything else I've tried in the toolkit (e.g. adjusting volumes) seems to be fairly broken. I will try the Windows version next time I'm stuffing around with CDLC (I run Windows in a VM); I imagine it is quite a bit more reliable. As for the OP's problem; have you tried sacrificing a goat? :)
  13. For me the first run of a new toolkit version takes a minute or so to think about life (with a bouncing guitar icon on the dock), and then starts working (with a blurry blob icon). Subsequent starts are fast (with the blurry blob icon).
  14. Little Creatures' Bright Ale Bulmer's Cider (Pear or Apple) Grey Goose Vodka (expensive but incredibly smooth) Glenfiddich Single-Malt Scotch Whiskey (expensive but oh so delicious)
  15. I'm mostly concentrating on Lead, though I've been doing a bit of Rhythm to try to get chords happening better. I've only been playing for 7 months or so; pleased with how far I've come in such a short time but I've got a loooong way to go! When I'm finding things a bit challenging I play emulated bass, which for most songs in RS is a lot simpler than the lead. My guitar is a Fender Standard Stratocaster (MIM, SSS) with a Brown Sunburst. Love it. http://static.musiciansfriend.com/derivates/18/001/641/809/DV016_Jpg_Large_H76525.002.001_brown_sunburst_rw.jpg
  16. Totally wrapped to see this new site happening so quickly -- I can tell already it's going to be a huge improvement over the other, unmentionable place! Woo! A big thanks to all responsible!
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