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  1. I love the 12-bar blues!It's really fun to play as a warm up; especially for a whole band.On stage, our band also plays it when one of our... unreliable... guitarists shoots off stage to grab picks or a drink or something.
  2. Ahhh! All the good songs haven't been done yet! ;) Can't wait for Mutter, Bückstabü and Feuer und Wasser. Other than that, AWESOME job, guys! :D
  3. It's already available without any modification of the game and you can test it with those songs : http://search.customsforge.com/?q=ii_5stringbassOh! Thank you! I wasn't aware, lol. :P
  4. Honestly, I hope they do. I'm buying a 5-string soon and I would like to play some 5-string songs I know on RS. As for when it will be added? Almost certain not in 2014. It's way too big of a modification to add to the game. However, someone could make a mod somehow and I've actually been contemplating doing it myself. Just no time for anything really. D: But yeah. I really hope it is added eventually. Same with 7-string guitar support.
  5. One of my favourites at the moment is Ho Hey by The Lumineers. It's really chilled and you get really into it. c: Personally, I enjoy Tool songs because they have awesome bass riffs. Such as Opiate. Some stuff by The Killers such as Bones, Jenny Was a Friend of Mine and Mr. Brightside is fun and pretty chilled. And Eric Clapton songs are chilled, like Tears in Heaven. c:
  6. I dont mind DD. Generally, I'll turn a song up the whole way and play it like that unless I am legitimately learning the song to use in my band or it's really complex. Personally, I think DD is better to have for beginners and other people, and it's not a problem if you want to turn it up anyway because it's really easy to put it to hardest. I just think it's handy to have but not required for all songs. c:
  7. Hey, guys. I've recently started creating a BMTH discography. Previously, I released majority of Suicide Season and the hits of Semptiternal and I think I'd like to finish what I started back on Smithy Anvil. ;) Anyway, I'll keep you all up to date here and I'll update it on my PC completely tomorrow! Thanks!
  8. [Don't Panic: It's Longer Now!] - RESERVED
  9. [so Wrong, It's Right] 1. This is How We Do2. Let It Roll3. Six Feet Under the Stars4. Holly (Would You Turn Me On?)5. The Beach6. Dear Maria, Count Me In - COMPLETED7. Shameless8. Remembering Sunday (featuring Juliet Simms of Automatic Loveletter) - COMPLETED (Working on the just acoustic version)9. Vegas10. Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last for a Night)11. Come One, Come All12. Poppin' Champagne
  10. [Put Up Or Shut Up] 1. Coffee Shop Soundtrack - STARTED 2. Break Out! Break Out! 3. The Girl's a Straight-Up Hustler 4. Jasey Rae - COMPLETED 5. The Party Scene 6. Running from Lions 7. Lullabies - STARTED
  11. Hey, everyone!After a long hiatus from the forum, I am finally back!I am currently working on a discography project for All Time Low seeing as my band is a punk band and due to the amount of requests for more All Time Low on the forum!Check back here for more info! :D(If there are any requested songs/albums wanted first, just ask.I will be starting with Put Up or Shut Up.)
  12. Right now I'm listening to:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEMKG8xkm4AJust before I was listening to:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_Vez_aKIyI When this morning I was listening to:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcNiKCmWdYEBig changes. :')
  13. For cider, I LOVE Rekorderlig and I love myself a bit of Grey Goose. ;)
  14. As a tuner, I use PitchPerfect.To write sheet music, I use Cresendo Music Notation.And I use FL Studio to make drum beats to play along to. (Paid)
  15. If you need any help, we can discuss this via Skype or some other IM?I am giving lessons and fixing people's CDLC. c:
  16. Greetings, all!I just came to announce that I am now offering 1-on-1 lessons on how to create CDLC via Skype or Teamviewer.If there are a lot of people asking how, I POSSIBLY will do group sessions and stop every now and then to cover questions and everything.If you are interested, please feel free to message me or add me on Skype!Regards,SkepticSquid. :DSkype: meop90
  17. Yes! You can change it!I can do it for you or you can follow my tut posted in this section to make phrases if you know how to convert a psarc file to EoF?
  18. The making of customs are already covered on this site in video tutorials!I suggest removing this link, before you get hate/whatever because there are already tutorials. D:
  19. I haven't ran into this problem, but check out my thread to see if the setup of EoF (WHICH I FORGOT IN MY FIRST VIDEO, BUT I UPDATED THE THREAD)
  20. Dude, this is sick.Did industrial hurt? :s
  21. I use Dava steel-tipped picks.They're a wonderful play because they play well on any instrument. They sound great on a bass and play well on a guitar. c:
  22. Unless you know what you're doing, I suggest taking it to a guitar professional. I don't really know much about replacing/changing guitars though, I've never been game enough to try it. :')
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