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  1. Hey people is it possible to get these Tabs in Rocksmith? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDVWF4MicJs Tanks Toss a coin to your witcher (-:
  2. thx for the answers now I know how to fix it thanks
  3. Hello ! First sorry for my bad english, so I cant search all threats for help cause I don´t understand I would like to play a song frome ffdp http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/lift-me-up-r10387 But the game needs to tune the bass on a440 And my game does show up +999 when I hit the string on the bass I cant tune the first string to the b What can I to to play the song? Thanks for help
  4. you think they work on next rocksmith? have you read about that ? But I don´t understand why it won´t work with patch. As i see Cdlcs uses the Guitar part for the 5-6 string bass so the notes are correct and you can play songs with 5-6 string bass and create them. Only thing they must to is to copy past the Rhythem guitar set, Name it Bass 5- 6 string Change the guitar into a bass And it will work cause it works allready with the Rhythem set so its not many work. The only thing is, that they must make Songs für them. ( cause i dont think they will add the feature only for cdlcs )
  5. HI ! The Question is not if a 5 String bass guitar works, The Question is does anybodey know if Rocksmith 2014 or next Rocksmith generation will suport 5 String Bass in Game ( That all 5 Strings will showen up in game) Many Bands like Dream theater uses a 5 String bass and I like to play this songs but with 4 stings its not realy possible. Enemy inside from Dream Theater is a song thats allready needs a 5 String bass guitar but don´t need the last string so anybodey makes this as Custom sond ( thanks to the person) But songs like As I am from Dream Theater needs all of the 5 Strings. Will Ubisoft make an update or can we make an idea to write an email to them or somthing else that that can be made with an update? Greetings and sorry for the tippin mistakes my english is not the yellow from the egg ^^
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