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  1. Happy Birthday wrathfulwraith!

  2. Happy Birthday wrathfulwraith!

  3. Happy Birthday wrathfulwraith!

  4. Happy Birthday wrathfulwraith!

  5. Happy Birthday wrathfulwraith!

  6. Happy Birthday wrathfulwraith!

  7. Okay, I know I've been posting alot lately, so for starters I hope I posted in the right section, lol. anyway, I'm charting a song that's in drop c...imported most of it from a guitar pro tab but it needs alot of polishing and i'm working on it, however, I just noticed while adjusting the solo parts that if I attach a note anywhere on any string and set the number of the fret higher than the 17th fret, it'll become an X as a muted note instead. I'm pretty sure I probably messed it up somehow, not sure how though, any help would be appreciated greatly. Thanks in advance.
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