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    Videogames, guitars, music (metal, rock & their derivatives mostly but sometimes other things as well), chatting...eh the usual. xD
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  1. Happy Birthday wrathfulwraith!

  2. Happy Birthday wrathfulwraith!

  3. Added quite a bunch of stuff by Sharkman828 (Special thanks to him). I'm sorry I'm inactive lately, them damn finals. >.<
  4. I'm not either, my next Rammstein custom will probably be "Weisses Fleisch".
  5. oh my, I'm sorry, -adds "Halt" to the list-. :P
  6. Added "Führe mich" as charted by Gnobiwan.
  7. I was thinking about doing "Forever", Karma and Forever are their 2 best songs in my honest opinion, good luck. :D
  8. Oh, well I was actually still at the very beginning of mine, I'm really busy as of late, but thanks for the offer, if you'd prefer I'd continue mine, sure, or if you want you could do yours instead of mine, it's a really easy song to do I guess (I think the only real tasks would be syncing and finding a good tone) so I doubt 2 versions of it uploaded would be that different, we'd only need one. Also, m/ we need more SOAD. <3 Keep up the good work. :D
  9. Changed "Mein Herz brennt" to the Drop C version, also by Zenithkicker.
  10. Added Dalai Lama by me, only one song remains on reise, reise. :P Und ihr wist was es ist. :D
  11. Added "Mein Herz brennt" by Zenithkicker and "Feuer frei", "Klavier" and "Laichzeit" by Sharkman828.
  12. Add Sharkman828's version of Morgenstern and Amour by Zenithkicker.
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