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  1. So I came up with this cheeky chappy https://www.dropbox.com/s/oc89pmck9emkpd6/riff1.wma
  2. I can definitely see something with demo 3 working. If I was involved it would end up moving towards the Iron Maiden long epic style I think xD
  3. This needs more attention :eek:
  4. Cannot wait. Got The Legacy and Phantom of the Opera done today. So productive xD
  5. I've never used Go playalong, Iy just sync it in EoF, is that an option for you?
  6. Adrian Smith Joe Satriani Steve Morse Jimmy Page
  7. Well you can only dream (in black and white)
  8. In no particular order: Staropramen (genuinely a good lager on draft Black Sheep Good Elf (was a guest ale over Xmas where I work, think it wad Thwaites) Thatchers Gold cider
  9. Master mode I believe. So when the notes are removed from the screen. 100% would be hitting all the right notes with no screen prompts
  10. So many Iron Maiden ones to pick from but Piece of Mind I'd say. Love the post 2000 stuff too and Somewhere in Time is under rated in my opinion
  11. That's me. Went from .50 and .46 (red and pink) to .71 (yellow) and settled on .60 Some of you were saying higher is better, any truth?
  12. Hey guys, just wondering what your favourite artists were. If you could say what was THE FIRST song that got you into the band that would be awesome. I'll get the ball rolling: Iron Maiden-Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. Heard that on one of my Dad's CDs when I was about 7, and been hooked ever since
  13. Have you checked your intonation? Or do you get fret buzz at all?
  14. <3 I'm doing Running Free at the moment
  15. Not as epic as Berneer's discography project, but it would be awesome if the community were to produce the songs that Iron Maiden were playing live last year, arguably it's one of the best set lists they've had. I will mark them as done or as being worked on so we don't have multiple people trying to do the same song. 1) Moonchild-NOT DONE 2)Can I Play with Madness-RS2012 to be updated by topShelf1221 3)The Prisoner-NOT DONE 4)2 Minutes to Midnight-OFFICIAL DLC 5)Afraid to Shoot Strangers-COMPLETE- http://rscdlc.com/?q=Afraid%20To%20Shoot%20Strangers 6)The Trooper-RS2014 SETLIST 7)The Number of the Beast-OFFICIAL DLC 8)Phantom of the Opera-NOT DONE 9)Run to the Hills-OFFICIAL DLC 10)Wasted Years-COMPLETE - http://rscdlc.com/?q=Wasted%20Years 11)Seventh Son of A Seventh Son-NOT DONE 12)The Clairvoyant-NOT DONE 13)Fear of the Dark-OFFICIAL DLC 14)Iron Maiden-NOT DONE 15)Aces High-OFFICIAL DLC 16)The Evil That Men Do-COMPLETE- http://rscdlc.com/?q=The%20Evil%20That%20Men%20Do 17)Running Free-WIP Bacon Current Status: 9/17 Complete + 2 WIP
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