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  1. Well Laro, i dont know the Law's of every single country, but i can tell u this. As long the donation are complete free and only for the community we are on a save site. But when we make a free donation system for every CDLC it could be a problem, because this site makes more money that it needed to stay alive. And one Rule here is to to adhere to the rules, in this case only do legal things. But this would be end automaticly when this site makes money with CDLC, because this would be agains the copyright law's:
  2. Well, i dont want to be sound Stupid or rude, but that wouldn't be legal, it would be agains the Copyright Law, also agains the board Rules. Like the quote say, Copyright thing also it's something u can see at every Record Page here at this site. If Ubisoft woudl recognize that some CDLC made for money what do u think what could happen? Or what do u think what the Record Lables would say to it, that we sell there music without there permission.
  3. Well me ,too i'm no Lawyer. But i can only say what i know and it's base on the Copyright law: The U.S. Copyright Law Section 107 contains a list of the various purposes for which the reproduction of a particular work may be considered fair, such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Section 107 also sets out four factors to be considered in determining whether or not a particular use is fair. The purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes The german Copyright Law Article 53 Reproduction for Private and Other Personal Uses (1) It shall be permissible to make single copies of a work for private use. A person authorized to make such copies may also cause such copies to be made by another person; however, this shall apply to the transfer of works to video or audio recording mediums and to the reproduction of works of fine art only if no payment is received therefor.
  4. Covers are very very complex. Because there is no clear definition what is a cover. For example, Depech Mode - Enjoy the silence been "covered" by Lacuna Coil. But in this case u could say it is a reinterpretation instead of a cover. So which Lable has the rights for the song of Lacuna Coil when i would do it for RS14? Do i have to ask for permission by the Lable of Depeche Mode or by the Lable of Lacuna Coil? In this case it would be probably Lacuna Coil. But as long there is no clear rules its hard to say. But even without the permission of a Lable, we shouldn't forget one thing. We creat non profit CDLC, for education reasons. That means it is allowed by the copyright law, as long the Lable doesnt say anything else.
  5. Maybe i got something wrong 'cause im stressed at the moment, or im just to stupid. But do i get it wrong, u say it would be great to ask the Artist/Author of the songs himself for there Permission to use their songs? I mean its a good idea because what else then No they could say? But i also made it once for my ASP Song. I know a german Band, but Asp himself answering and say it would be great if i do it, even if he had no clue what im talking about. But the point is even if he allow it, the Record Lable could still say NO. Because most oft the time, depening on the Contract if im not wrong, has the Lable the rights of the songs not the Artist himself. But if u would just make CDLC of some YT Stars there would be defently no problem at least those are no covers.
  6. In anbetracht der Tatsache das man eine Großmutter hat die Demenz hat und 24 Stunden Pflege braucht, denke ich mal kann ich das Jahr erstmal abschreiben für weitere Projekte. Well in case of the point that i have a grandmother with dementia which need 24/7 someone, i would say that there is no time this year for any projects.
  7. first of all hello Ravnos. Well no it's not possible for me to create any songs right know and probably in the next month. Have alot of family issues at the moment, so no time for any projects.
  8. Well I'm not a guitar master. But yeah i know that, with the thinner strings. But personally, i think you play with strings that you like. It's not about the diameter of the strings. Because, let me explain it, you can play with thinner strings like 9-42 (probably the thinnes Strings). Then you have a good basic for learning the technics and knows very fast how much strenght you have to use for Bends and stuff. But and know come the point where i say thinner not normaly better if you change your strings and make them a little bit thicker. Then your muscles have to learn it complete new and that means you need more time again. So my personal advice would be this: Go to a Guitar shop, talk to the salesperson and explain him that you want some new strings for a special genre, like rock, metal or what ever also if you play more Rhythm or are you more the single Note Solo player. Most of the time he gives you a good pack of Strings. Then you know the diameter and after that it is again a try and error game to find the right strings for you.
  9. Is it somehow possible to tab a song while listeing synchron the song? Something else like EoF xD
  10. You played it? But not my first try of this song at Rs 1? But yeah i get it , i think xD. I had to see whats going on and how it will sound when i tab everything. Even if i dont really know how i should make it happen xD but yeah i will see what will happen. But big thx
  11. First of all thx. Second srsly how in da hell could you hear it that it is tuned down a half step xD because that is right ^^ So as far as i can see (maybe also understand). You just used the Minor Chord that i gave and adding the a 5 so it is a simple Powerchord? Because those Chords are G5, E5, A5,F#5,H5 and D5. So if i want to work with chords like that and it's sounds like a Powerchord i only had to watch what the 5 Chord is? and third. I have no clue about the root note xD sry, im not into notes and stuff like that. But if I'm not complete wrong. You mean if a riff starts vor example with a G5 chord (guitar) than i had to use the E3 note and watch where is this note at the bass?
  12. Thx for the Information. I fixed it is now clickable for full size.
  13. Well i have a little/big problem. I wan't to create a song from a sheet but only have the Chords on it and the BPM and Tuning on the back for the song's. For example the Hm (Bm) chord. (Link at the right moment) http://youtu.be/IR8TJzFwBmk?t=3m21s If i would at it like on the Sheet, it would be sound way to melodic even with disortion. So the question are: 1. Is there a way to create this "normal" into some Powerchords? 2. Is there a way to know what kind of note they used depending on the sheet? 4th,16th or is it a Try and Error Game? 3. How to figure out the bass track? I know stupid question, but if you never work with something like this it can struggle you. http://img4.picload.org/thumbnail/cdwpogl/img.jpg Thx for all help Olorin
  14. Need is a bad word for that, in my oppinion. Because there is only one basic need to change them : Broken String. But to be serious. Everyone have to make there own experiences about changing strings and when. Because i made the expierences and hear it often. That many person changing there strings for diffrent reason. Person A change them after the turn black, Person B because they dont have the same sound like new once. Other Person only change them when the strings ripping of and only change this strings. You see it's something about the personal taste. Exactly the same thing. It's a personal taste thing. But also a thing about, what genre do you prefer to play. The other point is the Sound of the strings. If you like them take it. There is no right strings or wrong strings. In my nearly 9 years of playing, i try not many strings only about 5 diffrent brands and i found my fav. strings. But like i say u have to try it by your own. It's a try and Error Game
  15. Thx to every single Person who create this Discography. I couldnt play them since yet, 'cause medical problems and i downloaded them right know. But nevermind, big thank you to everyone like i said.
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