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  1. i really would like to see this song in either master or intermediate class, cuz i want to learn it! :) TOY DOLLS - Toccata in D-Moll
  2. update http://i60.tinypic.com/4jvwbq.png
  3. Damn beginning.. Not really hard, but i still tend to fuck it up all the time Also, I have the Blues (no teeth, wife... , ....) But this Song is too hard. http://i59.tinypic.com/2s01xlu.png GJ everyone!
  4. A little improvement. Gogo smile :) http://i60.tinypic.com/xanpzr.png
  5. Cool IM song this week, didn't check out the others so far... http://uppix.net/jCyGy0.png
  6. Maybe not managable for me. But i'll try to get 80% http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/74milrv59u4c.png
  7. Oh shit! Just red about the accident. Get well soon @ cauzT
  8. First try. This is tough but managable,...I guess http://www.fotos-hochladen.net/thumbnail/764w302cbrg8v_thumb.jpg
  9. Yes + the solo is starting to "work" But I need to play some muse or nofx songs in between, because if I'd only play queen, I will go insane ..
  10. And one more % http://postimg.org/image/xx9wzk88d/
  11. yay! Thanks for the tipp smile! 88.png Oh boy,every day another problem... But i think you can believe me, that i have 88%
  12. Nice score smile! Unfortunately, I can't make screenshots anymore, because as soon as I go to paint and want to strg + v a white box appears. I tried to change resolution, look online, but can't find anything that works :( Im on 87% now :)
  13. Oh shit! Nice score! Such solo! wow! :) Edit: WTF again. I started this song at 100% difficulty, did Ok, and at the end, i have 88% but the end of the first solo is at 98,9 dif.
  14. I sure DO believe you that it was challenging. The post was for Hostilian tho :P Edit: Now I understand what you ment. The only problem is, I fail EVERY time on Scoreattack( for now), and can't finish
  15. I think everyone agreed, that it's only for fun. So pick what you feel like and learn to improve with a little challenge in the background :) Can anybody tell me a way to turn the fucking DD downleveling off? I did kind of good but at the solopart it downleveled me again, so it doesn't count >:(
  16. A little improvement... I don't know how long it takes until i will never listen to this song again, but I guess not so long... http://i.imgur.com/daUbIL9.png
  17. Yay! Let's get to 90% today smile. :P http://i.imgur.com/xUNemWQ.png
  18. @@Smile ; my graphics not only looks pixelated, they actually ARE :) I can only play on the shittyold Laptop of my wife, because she is occupying the normal PC most of the times. Nice scores btw. Trying to improve now. Let's rock!
  19. The Solo still drives me crazy, the first part is getting better, but the second part i'm still kinda playing "air guitar". I know it's just 83%. http://i.imgur.com/2NZtaxh.png edit: oh shit! damn automatic downleveling. I guess,since it also says 83% mastery,that this attempt is not legit :(
  20. I really like Justin. Maybe this will help you a little bit. Also if you don't know him already, check out his other vids.
  21. Also a big thanks from me forthe offer. Since there is way too little Punkrock/Hardcore available on cdlc, I really want to contribute, but every time I start a Song, I mess up badly at some point. Will send you a Skype request in the evening. cheers!
  22. This will be a tough week. Since Smile is playing QUEEN, and I want to improve, I will also play it, but damn the solo is fast, the bends wont register most of the time (mostly because i'm still doing it wrong :P ) and also the high chords on the b and e string are not here for now. Let's get to work! BTW. Freddys voice is eerie at 50%speed inRR http://i.imgur.com/humFlB6.png
  23. Is there any way, to record in fullscreen? because whenever I go in windowed mode it's starting to lag like crazy...
  24. Shiiiiiiiiit! Nice scores everyone. Will try to improe tonight. I'm busy right now. As I said, if we keep ot that way, we might be all able to pull off 100% :) Party hard!
  25. First of all, as always, sorry for my lack of english skills. I think it would be awesome, since I don't only learn with Rocksmith alone, that we can make some kind of !!!friendly!!! competition, with learning material, such as justinguitar or whatever is suitable for us. We could do it like in the Championship with 3 classes,(maybe forget the masterclass, because when you're at this lvl, then you don't need this thing i guess^:P ) For example: @@Smile and I, I think we are nearly the same skill lvl, so we pick a lesson from somewhere, and try to nail it, and then we could "prove" it, with,.... I don't know recordings or screenies.. Ya know, Imagination is everything. Please help me think this through with me, (since I and I'm pretty sure, all the other Championship players are willing to get better) Cheers, party hard!!!
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