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  1. Sorry in advance i know its wrong to post a request here but its extra special to me. Is it possible for someone to creat dlcs for alter bridge - wonderfull life and black stone cherry - things my father said. It would mean a lot to me for personal reasons and im desperate to start learning them. Thanks very much!
  2. I will never give up! Learning guitar is a life long ambition! I will try the robber bands :) cheers for all the advice!
  3. Hey, I’m still getting to grips with all this guitar playing, but if there’s one thing that frustrates me it’s my fingers in ability to stretch across frets and stay put! I’m struggling to play Bliz Bop with the 5/7 chord because my fingers keep retracting on themselves if that makes any sense? Are there any basic exercises I can do to help? I’ve seen a 3/5/7 chord in a Linkin Park song I want to learn and thought I may as well give up now if I can’t manage 5/7! Cheers Rob
  4. My tennant was on about an adapter you can attatch to an acoustic guitar which makes it possible to plug in to an amp, ive never seen or heard of it before, does it exsist and would it work with rocksmith? if its real and works then there could be a real demand for acousitc cdlc's! I dont really like playing acoustic songs (wish you were here) with an electric guitar.
  5. Cheers Zep,I thought all links had been removed?Regardless onward and upwards yeah?BakerBauer, I cant reply to your PM, Ive started uploading the CDLC's I have, I'll try make the posts as neat and tidy as possible put they probably wont include all the info that was their originally but Ill update each post individually with more info when I get time!Rock On!Rob
  6. Hey all,Ive not been playing Rocksmith for long, I only started in January and was devastated I couldn't get any more CDLC's this morning! As a complete beginner guitarist Rocksmith has made learning guitar enjoyable and much less of a chore for me, words cant describe how much I appreciate all the effort you guys put in developing CDLC's. I love learning the songs I grew up listening to! even my Daughter gets in on the game! shes only 7!I wish you all the luck in the world getting this new community up and running, I have all my CDLC's in a separate folder if you would like me to upload them I would be more than happy to help all you need to is PM me with a place to send them to :)Good luck and Rock On!!!Rob
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