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  1. Hi since 1 mounth i have a issue with RS2014..sometimes it's working with lagg...verry slow motion ,somebody have the same issue?I tried to reinstall windows sistem but its the same issue :???:
  2. they have also a web site :http://www.cifraclub.com.br/
  3. Hi all, how can i see url for RSS? I can't use this... EX : http://customsforge.com/rss/ccs/1c2-forum-integration/
  4. Hi all my suggestion are : http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/ http://www.coffeebreakgrooves.com/ http://jammer.net.ru/en/mpjam.html http://www.guitar.ch/en/info/frames/tabs/set.html -Only tabs
  5. hi all, the point was find some songs to practice more rythm guitar *chords and struming with RS.I listed all this books because there you can find a lot of songs to practice rhythm and in the same time to learn a chords. It's easy about guitar tone can be acoustic tone or just clean tone. About equipment, I personally reproduce tones songs with boos me 70 or i use pedal Acoustic Simulator Boss for tones accoustic and one over the other RS supports S electro -acoustics guitars . PS. Sorry for my English faulty.
  6. If you use Boss Me 70 here you can find a lot presets for songs :-P http://guitarpatches.com/patches.php?unit=ME70
  7. Songs for electric guitar are great but i think sometimes i like to play a song for acoustic guitar. I think its a good for practice rhythm and in the same time to learn a chords. This is a list with a great chord songs, maybe someone with skills in CDCLC can make some songs . The Great Acoustic Guitar Chord Songbook http://www.musicroom.com/se/id_no/051763/details.html The Best Acoustic Guitar Chord Songbook The Big Acoustic Guitar Chord Songbook (Platinum Edition) The New Big Acoustic Guitar Songbook All this books songs and a list with songs for each are here http://www.musicroom.com
  8. Good question, i cant understand how it works session mode, how i must play ?
  9. My sugestion is http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf5WyhQHoYKy2ZcY1l51w7A :-P
  10. Hy all, today i started to add all Rocksmith CDLC on Spotify, I will strive to do daily updates, I hope to be helpful :-P URL: https://play.spotify.com/user/rocksmithcdlc
  11. Hy all, I need your advice, what's more practical to learn a song? Small pieces 100% difficulty and low speed or normal speed and increasing difficulty?
  12. very helpful, we look forward to practicing new material, especially chord progression and technical exercises, bends, hammer on, etc..
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