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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 462

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Since I last posted I moved house, immediately went over to the UK for two weeks on a pretty full-on holiday. Literally just got back a couple of days ago- slept 18hrs yesterday and woke up to give these ones a go! 

My first attempt scores. I dont know if ill attempt again, but if i do I'll post again with new scores 🙂 

Link to Screenshots:



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>> Rocksmith Championship - Screenshot Folder Link <<

Peace, love and grindcore. 🤟

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22 hours ago, TarpMada said:

This radiohead track is way harder than it seems like it should be, any suggestions for that bit in the middle?

It seems to me that you should keep fingers 1-3 on frets 5-7, and touch threshold 9 with your little finger. But I have a problem with that myself, so I played it like I was playing a solo...





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idk why the imgur images i posted say not available? also imgur isnt letting me post publicly anymore if anyone knows a fix let me know.  hopefully its not needed to post publicly this will be a test.
repost old lead score
the ss of this playthrough got overwritten sadly so i dont have the percentage...ig it wont count 😞 think it was 97 but i understand that wouldnt be fair. i gues one can say i was let down ...
not the top score but it is an improvement of my previous score i posted ! so im happy with it /m/ 


@ jellisjenius  can i be moved up to advanced rhythm? not sure how it works

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/m/   Genre Custom dlc Playlists  + Weekly Rocksmith championship on Spotify @midi ogre
(you can use Scowalts app to download your liked spotify songs)

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On 8/31/2022 at 3:54 AM, Rodman said:

Hey Rumbler! Great you found it now.
Feel free to post scores for any song and tell us in which classes you likje to be put.

Thanks!  I'll just do intermediate rhythm for now and try to get lead in next week.

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