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  1. And this is my Inter Rhythm result Br: Balage
  2. Hi All This week Intermediate lead only: Br: Balage
  3. Hi All This week results: Inter Lead: Inter Rhythm: Do you have any tip for me, how to accurately learn the rhythm of the plucking? Just practicing only or do you have any tricks? Sometimes specially when the rhytmic is complitated I hear a bit different rhytmic than it is in the Rocksmith cDLC. Thanks and have a nice day! Br.: Balage
  4. Some improvements: https://i.imgur.com/DCOGb9W.png
  5. Hi All I hope I am on time! Intermediate - Lead: I guess this week I will skip the Rhytm section, I have to low Accuracy results on that song. Br: Balage
  6. Hi, and Merry XMas all of you! This week I practiced this really good song a lot, but I couldn't go over 85%. : Br. Balage
  7. Hi Thank you the promotion. I accept it. Br.: Balage
  8. Hi All I hope I am on time: Intermediate Lead: Intermediate Rhythm: Br: Balage
  9. Hi All This week results: Intermediate lead (93,27%) : Beginner rhythm (95,1%): Br.: Balage
  10. Hi All This week result so far: Intermediate Lead (95,97%): Br: Balage
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