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  1. Can't seem to find my drop pedal thing. However, just tuned my Ibanez to Eb and it is holding up pretty well, may stay here for the next couple of weeks and see what I can learn of this song. The proper tuning got me past the first part and then...well...
  2. Love this selection. Did not go to well tuned to E. However, I doubt it would have went much better tuned to Eb.
  3. Eeee gad, this one is tricky. I kept thinking I had a chance to get through it with this run and then failed out.
  4. Thought I was getting the hang of it, after a very rough start, will need to do this again....
  5. The scorers put an * by the name of the person out of class. So, if you are of a higher class leading a "lower" class, you are not eligible to win (different rules come in play if a lower class wins a higher class - as I understand it). Not sure if this is what you are asking.
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