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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 414

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ah that´s nice ... like (8-8.5)





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Ok, finally I can show the scores.


This is not really hard for me, that's why I rated it 5 but looking at other results I could have been wrong 🤔


And this, as I wrote earlier, is a pure masterclass, now it's time to fight for 80% 🙂


Close to the GoG level, way too fast for me, I had trouble keeping up so this score surprised me.


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you really had to pick every song in different tuning 😉

see my results this week...

this one is so rhythm... cannot get my head around that solo at the end though...


This one is way above my abilities...



Bass is completely different story... i kind of like that kind of rhythm


few other class songs too...

i had a little bit of an issue with recognition here


here was always that note that i missed...



i can't really remember playing this one 😉



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Not my favorite week except for Vulfpeck of course...

Beginner and intermediate bass charts were both awkward to play and intermediate I think was not synced well. I didn't even remember to save a screenshot of that one.


Back Pocket is great and it's by far Vulfpeck's best known song...playful falsetto is not for everyone I guess but it very much goes with the band's wacky image:


And this...was kinda fun except my hands wanted to commit seppuku before the end of the song:


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(something is off about the detection or the tracking not being quite synced for the first third of the song - keeps telling me i'm early/miss on simply an open D. nice song though)




(...not sure if my fingers will recover in time to try and improve this lol)

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(played each note with an undue amount of intention and managed to have it barely detect everything, which i honestly didn't expect)



(I feel like I could play this song all day!)

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Dream - My Will on Bass @ 99.41% https://ln5.sync.com/dl/ea44f6010/xbc2wiig-yj2w4i5u-r3acd969-px986wwb

Vulpeck - Back Pocket on Bass @ 93.32% https://ln5.sync.com/dl/16d877cc0/y8ryg7ye-atvgnqzd-e7azjfhw-cz4ju48h

Still trying to find my place among the tiers. @ Rodman I think I can consistently sightread the intermediate ones so far. I'll move on from beginner to intermediate and turn those in going forward. Loved Back Pocket. I'll keep working on it. Tried the Vektor track. Sounds sick but I'm gonna need a little more speed work for this.

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