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Which band ARE you going to see live?

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I just saw Linkin Park with 30 seconds to mars and afi. Then afterwards I saw nine inch nails with soundgarden and the dillinger escape plan. http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/08/18/4f00c414bea5184

May - NINJune - HellfestJuly - Pearl Jam   Looking forward to Hellfest most for clutch, unida, electric wizard, black sabbath, rob zombie :D

So far for 2015. Jan 11, 2015 Sabaton + Delain & Battlebeast. Feb 15, 2015 Sabaton + Delain & Battlebeast. Feb 27, 2015 Delain Mar 18, 2015 Halestorm + Wilson & Nothing More April 10, 201

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26th of June: Ra the Ruggedman (awesome hiphop)

27th of June: Duran Duran  & UB40. Can't wait for Duran Duran.

8th of Augustus: CHIC featuring NILE RODGERS & Giorgio Moroder.



I would go to Funkadelic on 24th&25th of July in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. But I'm abroad on those dates :'( 

My music collection:


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I have discovered Within Temptation recently. I wish I saw them live. Bingo! They're coming to Poland by the end of Summer. I will buy tickets tomorrow. I attended Sabaton on the same festival last year and it was amazing.


29.08.2015 Within Temptation

30.08.2015 The Offspring

Two must-come live rock+metal concerts in the darkest side of Poland.  :D

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Going to be seeing Riverside on the 16th. Great show when I saw them a bit over two years ago, and I expect nothing different this time. Don't know much about the opening band, "The Sixxis".


Might also try seeing Ghost, but it looks like the Philadelphia show is sold out and NYC is a giant pain to get to and from so that might not happen. Maybe also Tricot in Philadelphia. These latter ones also depend on how my schedule shakes out this semester.

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Anyone going to see The Theater equation next weekend?


Chapman ML-1, Blackstar HT1


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Ragnarok: i5 750 @ 2666MHz | Titan Fenrir | MSI P55-GD65 | 8GiB Vengence 1333MHz CAS 9 | 1GiB 6950 DirectCU II | 60GB Crucial M4 | Samsung F3 500GB | Samsung F3 1TB | Seasonic X-750 | X-Fi XtremeGamer | HAF932 | Win 7 Pro | Arch Linux

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Seen Ghost last night for the first time and i have to say i'm blown away

and in February Behemoth Abbath and Entombed in 1 night and after that Kataklysm Machine Head

and in march its Sabaton with Alestorm :) 

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SingItFwd on January 14th and 15th 


Jan 14th line up - 


Dear Rouge
Frazey Ford
Five Alarm Funk
The Zolas
Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
Gay Nineties
Twin Bandit


Jan 15th Line up - 


Mother Mother

Hey Ocean
Said The Whale
Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party
The Pack AD
Chin Injeti
Jocelyn Alice

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Off to see Def Leppard tonight at the Genting (old NEC) arena Birmingham should be a good night , never seen them before :)

Guitars: ESP LTD F-54 Bass, Tanglewood Curbow4 Bass, Stagg BC300-N Bass, Yamaha BBN5bk (5String), ESP LTD AX-360, Plus a cheapo no name acoustic

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