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  1. @olze, I work in IT as well, unfortunately my experience is with SCCM and application packaging, so I only have the bare minimum SQL experience, so would be unable to assist with this. I apologize if I offended you. It sounded like you were complaining and many amateur admins like to chime in because they have some experience hosting a Call Of Duty or Discord server and think they know everything. If you are a database admin, then obviously you do know what you are talking about and I am sure they would appreciate any help they can get. As Unleashed2k mentioned, he is trying to manage most of it on his own while working a full time job. Again, my apologies if I offended you.
  2. I would bet that whatever you are hosting is nowhere near the size of the database these guys manage. Plus, I am sure they all have full time jobs aside from managing this site. Keep that in mind when you are criticizing about a free site.
  3. Happy Birthday fenrirwulf!

  4. Happy Birthday fenrirwulf!

  5. Blues Traveler at Red Rocks on July 4th and ZZ Top on September 19th. Stoked for both!!
  6. Just ordered mine on Friday and it should be here in a day or two. Looking forward to it! Cozy1, I really hope you can figure it out, that would be an awesome tool to have!
  7. All very good points. I plan to get a Fretlight guitar for X-mas this year. I plan to use that for learning chords, scales, etc. and then play RS for learning songs and fun. I think I will go back to the Lead path, because that is ultimately what I want to play. Now, if I can just find some time to play between the new job and moving this month...argh! :wacko:
  8. Very cool! Thanks everyone for the input. I plan to get it for X-mas, so it will become a useful tool while I learn.
  9. I hate to tell you Steroma, but I think Jess Greenberg is only 17, so she's not "even legal". LOL! This girl is not half bad...French Canadian I believe?
  10. Hey All, I've been thinking of getting a Fretlight to help with the learning process. I plan to mostly use it to practice scales, chords and such and then as my primary guitar for playing Rocksmith. Anyone had any experience with these and would you recommend it? Sweetwater has them on sale for $399 through the end of the year, plus they throw in a free copy of GuitarPro 6(Fretlight ready), and their dual foot switch. This is the one I am looking to get: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/FG521SB Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Hostilian, they just announced a Droid App for the Amplifi a couple of weeks ago.
  12. This is going to date me for sure...lol. I've seen quite a few in the last 32 years. My First concert at 15 was The Firm with Paul Rodgers and Jimmy Page. After that I have seen: Jethro Tull Starship Foreigner Bo Diddley Ten Years After T'Pau AC/DC Poison Warrant Skid Row Ugly Kid Joe Winger Ozzy Osbourne Bonham Counting Crows Depeche Mode Tori Amos Dave Matthews Band Sarah Mclachlan Robert Plant The Black Crowes The Who Bad Company Loverboy
  13. Should be under the FAQ for how to run CDLC's. I just had the same problem after a fresh install of Windows and forgot about the dll file.
  14. Oh , yeah. Forgot about that part. Yeah, I'll be careful. Thanks!
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