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  1. This is how to change the font in the "profile select" menu. Make sure you have copies of the "commonlib.gfx" and "gfxfontlib.gfx" files we used earlier to use as a resource. You will need to get HEX versions of the colors you replaced "WHITE_CLR" and "BLUE_CLR" with earlier and write them down in a text file for later. Unpack the static.psarc file. (we will be repacking this static.psarc so its better to just unpack a fresh one instead of reusing the one you unpacked earlier) Open the static.psarc folder and navigate to "gfxassets/views" then open the file "profileselect.g
  2. Now that you have your "commonlib.gfx" "gfxfontlib.gfx" and Decimal color codes you are ready to move on. Open the "commonlib.gfx" file with JPEXS. A warning dialog will pop up. Click yes, yes again, navigate to the "gfxfontlib.gfx" file you extracted from static. Select it and click open. Repeat the previous step. At the top of JPEXS click settings, Then click "use own flash viewer" Then click file to leave settings. Help: https://ibb.co/yff86Vt (the previous step will populate the middle window but isnt required if you have the obsolete flash player installed, also t
  3. This is how to change "most of" the font colors in Rocksmith. You need to unpack the cache.psarc file (found in rocksmiths main folder) using the RS toolkit. Go to the cache folder you unpacked and open the "cache8.7z" file. Open "gfxassets" then "libs" Scroll down to the "commonlib.gfx" file and move it out of the zip to your desktop or an empty folder. Now you will need to unpack the static.psarc file (also found in your rocksmiths main folder) for some resources for JPEXS. Go to the static folder you unpacked and open "gfxassets" then "localization" Drag the
  4. Awesome thanks for the info/walkthrough! I will try to figure out if I can change the color somehow while im tinkering. Update: I figured out how to change font colors, Guide below.
  5. Anyone else have a customized loft? If so post some pics here. Im trying to find info on editing the .nif files, Nifskope can edit the nifs but it causes RS to crash. Anyone know of a way to do this? Also trying to change the fonts if anyone has any input.
  6. Nvm I'm gonna make them XD
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