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  1. *****SOLVED***** For those with the new Windows 10 update make sure you've gone into the cable sound options, turned the levels up, changed the quality to DVD, but also when opening your sound options make sure 'allow desktop apps access to your microphone' is ENABLED. That did the fix. So, my pc did a windows 10 update yesterday. I also believe steam updated but long before that and everything was fine. Rocksmith boots up just fine. The music plays (so my speakers are working). My realtone cable is not working, or there's a setting that I'm missing...there is no sound coming out of my guitar. I reinstalled the driver of the cable (my computer recognizes it). I changed it to DVD quality. I raised the levels to 100% on the mic/cable. I did an audio troubleshoot. I've tried different guitars. I have two cables, both of which were working before these updates. I tried different USB ports (I have 3). I tried different devices in the USB ports and those work fine. Rocksmith loaded just fine and other steam games work. I verified the local files under Rocksmith 2014.
  2. Still practicing...

  3. Sorry if this has been asked already...I can get GP tabs from the new RS game with the RST but not RS1 songs? Any help or suggestions? Trying to get the tab for Pumped up Kicks. Thank you.
  4. Maybe it will be released like other DLCs, (12pm Pacific, 3pm EST)?
  5. Hey guys, I've got a question..maybe some of you more tech savvy people can help me out. Lots of great tones in Rocksmith right? ...Well I want to practice the scales I've used in game, with backing tracks that are free to use online, say, a blues jam or something. My software is primitive, to say the least...my knowledge even moreso. I'm using Audacity, and I am able to record using the Realtone cable through Audacity...which is great, over a backing track...BUT, I want to know if there is a way to record using the tones in Rocksmith, over a backing track in Audacity. I've turned Audio Exclusivity OFF...I've tried various things, but the moment I alt+tab out of the game, no sound coming from my guitar... Any thoughts? It would be greatly appreciated.
  6. You can also add Dynamic Difficulty to most CDLCs if they don't have it already using the Rocksmith Toolkit. I do that on occasion if I start a song and am like "whoa, yeah that's not happening..." also, Riff Repeater is your best friend.
  7. Is there just someone I can send it to (say via email) and they can upload it, as I dont have a dropbox or anything? I mean it's a pretty good one. (This isn't my video)
  8. Oh that's right...derp. *sigh* thanks Shrillbear
  9. Hey guys, I'm just wondering if some customs leave the database for whatever reason. (Dead links maybe)? I know I have one on my computer by Santana that isn't in Ignition anymore. I wanted to add it to my 'collection'...but it was gone. I also thought I found '5 minutes Alone' by Pantera once, but it's gone now, maybe it was a figment of my imagination and it was never made...but if anyone has it , it would be great if it were uploaded. So...what do I do with this Santana CDLC that I have hanging about that's not in there, surely people would play it if it were, as it's a good one. "Flor d' Luna" What about others that have 'disappeared'?
  10. I agree with this, I change mine about every 30-60 hours, that comes down to about 30 days. Sometimes if I practice more in a day, ie. 4 hours or so , it's shorter. But you can tell when your fingers start smelling metallic after you play and the strings start sounding dull and 'muddy'
  11. Here are mine, just checked em out. 1. 28 times - 'Stop the World I Wanna Get Off With You' - Arctic Monkeys (Lead) 103.2% 2. 23 times - 'Give Your Heart Away' - Black Keys (Lead) 105.2% 3. 22 times - 'Modern Times' - Black Keys (Lead) 98.4% 4. 20 times - 'My Propeller' - Arctic Monkeys (Lead) 98.9% 5. 19 times - 'Blood Red Summer' - Coheed & Cambria (Lead) 100.2 %
  12. Cool, great tips firekorn (ps. been following ur youtube channel, keep it up man) Thanks for the info and tips guys. :) Time to change and clean her!
  13. Not sure where this should go...but...sorry if it's in the wrong spot and sorry if it's a noob question. So I know how to change my strings, I do it often, as I play quite a bit. I've only ever removed the strings one by one, as pressure needs to be maintained on the neck. For some reason I always have thought that this is the appropriate and safest way to change them... however... I want to give the fretboard a good cleaning...is it SAFE to take all my strings off at once? I've got a Paul Reed Smith. What do you guys do? I've watched various youtube vids, and they vary...but I don't want my neck to warp or do any damage to my baby...
  14. No I use my pinky for barre chords, just not 3 note power chords...and I use my pinky when have to solo or do scales , it pops right up when it needs to be there...but it looks awkward and just horrible when I record myself playing.. @ Pyrobillie, my pinky is doing the EXACT SAME THING as yours...especially watch the upper right vid...yeah, it's doing that.
  15. Does anyone have any ideas on how to correct this problem? ie. I'm doing a power chord, using finger 1 and 3, or a riff that requires fingers 1 and 3 or 2...pinky goes and curls down. Need longer stretches? Pinky comes up, but I really don't *want* to have this habit, watching videos of myself playing it looks horrendous like my pinky is disjointed... TIPS please...
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