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  1. Happy Birthday then3verend!

  2. Happy Birthday then3verend!

  3. Happy Birthday then3verend!

  4. Happy Birthday then3verend!

  5. Happy Birthday then3verend!

  6. You make owning a website with 185,000 members and managing everything on the administrative side look so easy. That's how great you have been. Guess I'm drinking beer tonight to celebrate, cheers all
  7. @@xXDeadeyeXx Yes, a couple versions with other platforms is okay Same goes with DD, Non-DD, and multichart links
  8. Happy Birthday then3verend!

  9. Fixed. I spent an hour working on all of that...not hard to get everything confused lol Appreciate the time spent, thought you'd might want to make that hour an hour of perfection haha
  10. I'm pretty sure Bloodline is C# Standard and Chemical Warfare is Eb Standard :P
  11. Changed my photo to my sexy ladies

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