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  1. Happy Birthday then3verend!

  2. Happy Birthday then3verend!

  3. Happy Birthday then3verend!

  4. Cut finger? food poisoning? hospital stay? What are we talking about here? Cut index finger and a thumb. The chicken was pretty good though. Cut my middle finger about 2 weeks ago thanks to bad chef skills, i know that feel :/ on the bright side, my kitchen now has a nice dark red coat of paint.
  5. ouch http://oi64.tinypic.com/sgtw5l.jpg brb, need to dip my fretting hand in a bowl of ice Edit: all 6 of those runs were in a row btw....and i havent played in forever, my hand feels weird just typing
  6. Great chord recognition, and great phrase lengths, some of the best i've ever seen hope the organizers can continue picking great quality songs like this every week http://oi66.tinypic.com/2qx2f5v.jpg /s see everyone next week i guess
  7. I know its a long list, but if you can add the redo of Deliver Us(I know, i'm a fucked up In Flames fan, blame Saints Row) To the requests, thatd be awesome
  8. Izzy unleashed....1/4th roughly of that 2k... But hey, our leader now has a guitar again
  9. I'm hiding edited CDLC links, happens too many times where a cdlc gets edited and uploaded here and the record isnt updated. These threads aren't ignition. Hurts creators and creates an inclusive community, no exceptions.
  10. Okay, so I've received a couple of complaints about some regular championship members not following this reminder, now It's a warning. In addition, I will hide any links to edited CDLC; either work with the creator to make a new update, or post the new update yourself in Ignition. Anyone who violates this is in violation of Site Rule 1
  11. @@albatross213 Yup, and honestly, Carcass was...meh I did firmly believe Testament was going to steal the show, they had so much energy, very tight, and very very heavy. But man, Slayer had a one of a kind show, Tom sounded like he dialed 20 years back, Gary had a lot of youthful energy, and other than Angel of Death, you couldn't tell it was Paul, I doubt they'll play that good on this tour again. Side note: I suddenly want a Dave Band, Grohl on Vocals, Mustaine on Guitar, Ellefson(Dave-Id, he's the kool kid) and Lombardo on drums. Mixed by Matthews. Edit I'm imagining an acoustic laid back version of Holy Wars and it is awesome
  12. Saw Testament and Slayer last night, great show. Very special too, had front row, got picks from Alex(2nd pick from him) and Gary, threw them right at me. Tom also did the angel of death scream perfecy
  13. *Puts on the Jaws theme* Which path am I going to post a score on next...? Hmmmmm
  14. In the lead by one frickin notehttp://i.imgur.com/yN3t8hv.jpg
  15. Short answer yes, but it looks like RS 2012 would have to be bought new. But you can still use the Disk Import tool on the Xbox one to import the songs into the game. Source http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/924044-Rocksmith-2014-PlayStation-4-amp-Xbox-One-FAQ-Forums
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