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  1. Oh damn, A Light in the Black, god I wish I good at guitar!
  2. The fingerboard in that post is disgusting! I thought mine were bad but they're nothing compared to that! I tend to wash my hands before playing so I don't mess it up too much but I change strings every month and I always give a full clean at the same time. I should probably wash my hands before playing. I've had the same strings on for over a year , is that bad? If you don't mind it then there's nothing necessarily wrong with that. I just find I love the feeling and the sound of brand new strings. I only use Elixir strings which most people are happy to leave on for months but I start to notice a loss of tone after a week or two. There's nothing nicer than the feel and sound of new strings to me :D One thing to be aware of is that your fretboard can dry out from the sweat, gunk and general humidity so it's worth restringing just to keep your fretboard feeling fresh.
  3. The fingerboard in that post is disgusting! I thought mine were bad but they're nothing compared to that! I tend to wash my hands before playing so I don't mess it up too much but I change strings every month and I always give a full clean at the same time.
  4. I agree with this statement. Having done a couple myself I know the effort and patience required to make high quality CDLC. I take my hat off to those who consistently create and release CDLC for us all to enjoy.
  5. I'd be interested to know if you think guitar didn't help you feel better in any way and that's why you stopped? One of the reasons I picked it up was because I saw it as a release but I find if I'm feeling any negative emotions it usually makes things worse because I end up annoyed at myself.
  6. Evening all, my recent lack of playing guitar has made me start thinking about what I want to get out of guitar. With life getting in the way I missed two weeks of playing before yesterday but I don't feel compelled or get excited like I used to. My question for everyone is what keeps you playing? What do you get out of guitar?
  7. Anyone going to see The Theater equation next weekend?
  8. I think this week will be the battle the solo in intermediate! Lovely song but certainly borderline! http://i.imgur.com/QO2ZiDO.png
  9. I'm sorry but this is not acceptable, that Babymetal song needs more e's, r's and exclamation marks!
  10. Angela and I Can't Hear You are firmly stuck in my fingers from my beginner days, I'm not sure if they're RS1 or RS2014 but definitely worth a look if you want to feel good by playing full songs!
  11. Grats, I was thinking of a vypyr for my first amp but ended up with a Blackstar HT1. I thought 1 watt of power would be really quiet by my god I was wrong. I've no idea how loud that 100w amp is!
  12. Well....that intermediate rhythm is certainly a fast one. I hope we stick with it cause it seems like a really fun song to play. Although it's pretty fast there isn't much complexity to it so I think it's manageable. http://i.imgur.com/sl7Kqb8.png http://i.imgur.com/OhkO8fR.png
  13. The update history isn't always updated, often some games don't give out changelogs and some use it to promote DLC.
  14. I want to compete but I'm living in a world of mobile tethering until I finally get internet. Damn moving!
  15. man id love to but i have no the slightest clue how. This will be your friend http://customsforge.com/topic/5577-tutorial-list/ I've made a couple myself and it's really not hard, provided you can get a good guitar pro tab from somewhere. It's mostly just time consuming to make a good CDLC but you could do one in a few hours.
  16. Sometimes it's better just to go ahead and make them yourself. I'd love to see some more Marillion and King Crimson but I don't think it's gonna happen unless I do it :P
  17. I remember when Rocksmith 1 DLC was 75% off, those were the days!
  18. Is a question of tastes. You are talking about very legendary bands that have more time in the music world but atually they aren't in the top,we are talking about RS audience (and thanx god for that). Meanwhile Metallica is still on top of that,not top of your granny old records. For those all those bands you mention,I still prefeer Metallica over all. And for Madonna please not mention her again fo the sake of all of us. ;) You are an old dude by the way. You are a young person. How many metallica records have you bought, or a ye a pirate? You know we have moved on in life, you don't have to buy albums to listen to a band without pirating. I subscribe to Google Play Music and all of their albums are on there..... And if you're going to get into piracy then people are distributing and downloading all of the music in CDLC without a license. Try to claim fair usage all you want, the tabs are fair usage but the music doesn't need to be distributed. We can be expected to own the music we're trying to play in CDLC.
  19. Disappointed but last night I hurt my hand playing Way of the Samurai, I have no idea what I done but I've never felt pain like that in my hand before so I've passed on guitar the past two days. I still feel tenderness in my wrist when I move my hand up and down so no more scores for me this week! Nice song choice though and I'd like to keep working on it when this is over.
  20. 25% off almost all DLC right now, 40% off the game. Lets hope for a better discount on a flash sale! Rocksmith: http://store.steampowered.com/app/205190/ Rocksmith 2014: http://store.steampowered.com/app/221680/
  21. Felt a bit better so tackled it some more. Getting a lot of confidence at full speed now, just need to riff repeat the solo, the weird outro and the minor differences of the rhythm track. Hoping for 95% by Saturday. Also lol @ only 0.1% difference in score! Don't mind the funky bars, the CDLC flickers on my second computer for some reason o_O http://i.imgur.com/6Al4EXM.jpg http://i.imgur.com/3lzTZT8.jpg
  22. Feeling ill today so not able to get much going. http://i.imgur.com/eHdmrAl.png
  23. Thanks a lot, I ended up just trying to sync myself to the music but now we have an accurate chart it'll be much easier!
  24. @ I thought it was FPS causing it to be out of sync but the first section with the main riff is completely off, it's especially evident when slowed down.
  25. I'm enjoying "This is my Life", it's a really nice and interesting riff. I got it nailed down at 60% with about 15FPS (if anyone hasn't played Rocksmith at a low FPS you should, it gets completely out of sync). Hopefully playing on my own computer tonight I'll get a score posted!
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