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  1. oh god i just noticed it... thanks for the muting tip btw ;)
  2. Hello ! I have been playing bass for 14 years. Now i want to learn to play guitar however i'm running into something i dont know how to do and that is a power chord and skipping a string see the image so how do i do this ?
  3. when i make CDLC songs sometimes the Guitar pro file uses a 5 string bass that you have to change in EoF. if you change the string number from 5 to 4 sometimes the notes go 1 string down i think that is what caused the problem for your songs.
  4. Seen Ghost last night for the first time and i have to say i'm blown away and in February Behemoth Abbath and Entombed in 1 night and after that Kataklysm Machine Head and in march its Sabaton with Alestorm :)
  5. Thank you both will run to the store after work and see how it goes
  6. Hey there guys/gals, i just got a guitar a couple of months ago (i have been playing bass for 14 years) now i want to play some Amon Amarth songs and some songs with C# tuning what kind of string gauge do you recommend ?
  7. Thanks for the tip Manchot. i'm also having issues finding a good beginners song for guitar i also play bass i get 95+% on most songs but im having trouble with guitar songs any tips ?
  8. Hey There! I just started out with a guitar i'm used to play bass what i was wondering is the Tones for the guirars mostly have the gain turned up all the way is there a way for me to put the gain down on that tone ?
  9. i can help with a Dutch translation if needed Dutch native speaker
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