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  1. Cirice will finally be an official DLC!!! Been waiting for some official Ghost stuff forever. Super excited. It looks like it might be a Ghost 4 pack. I'm expecting Square Hammer, Ritual and probably Rats. Can't wait for Tuesday! :D https://theriffrepeater.com/song-spookulation-ghost-makes-their-deboo-in-rocksmith-halloween-cirice-2015-meliora-papa-emeritus-cardinal-copia-metal/
  2. Prequelle is finished! I have an updated version of Witch Image that's almost done, then i'll begin to update older Ghost songs, starting with Opus. :D
  3. I wanna be with you in the moonlight! I got the email from loma vista and downloaded the mp3 already haven't had the strength to stop listening.
  4. Finishing up the tab for Rats. Should be done soon...
  5. Finishing up Run. Probably won't have a bass track to start. Should be up tomorrow. Yay, update :D
  6. Hey all, Just wanted to let anyone here that is interested. Big B is now taking pre-orders for vinyl versions of Crime Slunk Scene, Elephant Man's Alarm Clock and a confirmed full length new album tentatively titled Bucketheadland 5-13-10-31. The numbers are when it was announced and when its released. For CSS the last 2 tracks will be omitted, most likely for the preservation of sound. He would probably have to make it 2 lp's and it wouldn't be cost effective. Bucketheadland 2 was already confirmed by Ion to be released sometime this summer on vinyl. That one will be a double vinyl. There are a few packages for CSS and EMAC and a few more for the new album. Anyway, exciting times for Buckethead and vinyl fans :D http://www.bucketheadpikes.com
  7. Thank you so much @Rockfirstlast! I owe you one. :D Its a great opener for the album. Very floydey. :D
  8. I'm having trouble with this song that is making the game crash. All other cdlc's work fine as well as official songs and dlc. I get no warning pop-ups in eof and the bass track works, just not the 2 guitar tracks. I've tried it with and without DD and to no avail it crashes the game. I'm using the 11-23 version of EoF and the latest tool kit. I can't figure out the problem and am looking for any solutions. I'll leave a zip of the entire song folder. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :D https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ddkp6kujme45jdv/AADhu6oWni7MaXLrmsuhAAkka?dl=0
  9. Thread updated. If i missed something please let me know. Also, i might end up redoing N,Y and C in the near future. Last thing, I was luck enough to see Big B this past summer and he was better than ever. Actually went to 2 of the 3 shows he played here and was near flawless both nights. Here's a video, not mine:
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