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  1. I prefer Rocksmith way. Mirror image seems more intuitive for me than tabs.
  2. Back to the front I'm to start a 60-day sprint. My goal is to play a song 100% as intended. This is the last attempt to learn playing the guitar fluently. So I'm back and stuck here. What to begin of? Start learning guitar from scratch? I shall better repeat basics. Then pick an easy song, stand up and play it more and more.
  3. I have recently seen Within Temptation at European Stadium of Culture. This was an amazing performance! 1. Paradise (What About Us?) 2. Whole World Is Watching feat. Piotr Rogucki 3. Faster 4. In the Middle of the Night 5. Fire and Ice 6. Stand My Ground 7. Our Solemn Hour 8. The Cross 9. Sinéad 10. The Heart of Everything 11. And We Run 12. Caged 13. Covered By Roses 14. Mother Earth 15. What Have You Done (encore) 16. Ice Queen (encore) Collectives live transmission including 2 WT songs: http://vod.tvp.pl/25896929/europejski-stadion-kultury-2016-kolektywy Photos at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mindwalkerpl/photos
  4. Scorpions on 4th March 2016 in Kraków (Cracow) Nightwish at the end of August 2016 in Straszęcin (south-east Poland)
  5. Although metal / hardcore / hatecore music is based on guitars, piano and keyboard are often used. This is an example: But I won't learn anything new for next months. I will decide later whether to play metal on piano/synth/etc.
  6. Hello there. Today I decided to finish my guitar experience forever and ever. It's a bad message for users who expected more CDLCs of Horytnica and many other bands. I believe someone will finish the job alongside game popularity growth. I will also sell my Cort KX5 to someone else who actually plans a career. I still doubt if to sell it or keep in closet for the case I changed my mind. I have been finishing my guitar adventure for 9 months and sometimes I play Rocksmith but no gain. Even a regression! I couldn't play any chord cleanly, guitar pick was slipping out of my fingers and changing angle, solos almost muted, strings and frets confused commonly. I couldn't even play songs that I performed decently last year. My fingers look like rubble despite guitar abstinence. I had no issues before. There are also some counter-indications. I don't wanna screw up my wrist and cause other health problems by practicing all over time. The other issue is that my time is limited and my roommates would kill me for doing it every evening. Guitar is a low-level instrument (you manipulate strings directly) and needs lots of time-consuming efforts. Guitar was only an experiment for me. Only few classes on university before bachelor's defence so it's time for writing thesis and... learning guitar basics! Yeah! Moreover, I started to work before Christmas. I couldn't predict it before. Now I have full time job, other projects and master's thesis left. You can think I have a lot of free time. It's an illusion. This is why I must optimize it starting of 2016. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away I was playing piano so I'm not a beginner in music. Why guitar? In high school I started to listen to rock and metal music. On student carnival we met in number of 3 guys to discuss about our interests. No1 makes techno and knows FL Studio, No2 wants to play drums and we decided to do something together. After holidays everyone forgot this meeting. Next year I discovered patriotic rock/metal bands. It's better than nihilism put into most modern songs. It became obvious I need guitar. I also thought "ladies love guitar players" but later "ladies hate bad guitar players". What next? I consider continuing my piano experience but no idea what to start of and how to in case of progressive music or symphonic metal. To sum up, playing Rocksmith was fun but I don't see future in playing guitar for now. I don't say bye because I'm not removing account. I will still discuss with you about guitar, RS, music and other topics. That's my confession. If you also doubt or threw your guitar away, tell your story
  7. I got inspired by some local patriotic rock/metal bands. I wanted to play music with message, not about nihilism as most rock songs. If I decided to pick up guitar or any other instrument now, I would be inspired by symphonic metal like Within Temptation, Nightwish, Epica but also some power metal bands.
  8. I have discovered Within Temptation recently. I wish I saw them live. Bingo! They're coming to Poland by the end of Summer. I will buy tickets tomorrow. I attended Sabaton on the same festival last year and it was amazing. 29.08.2015 Within Temptation 30.08.2015 The Offspring Two must-come live rock+metal concerts in the darkest side of Poland. :D
  9. Game over I revised my goals. This is the end. It was an epic adventure but it needs to be finished. Rocksmith helped me to learn a lot but I have no time for professional course and no vision to show off, e.g. join or establish a band. Playing guitar for myself won't earn money. However, I will finish CDLC that are work-in-progress so I don't sell my Cort KX-5 for the time being. I might return to piano (keys) in far future. Other reason alongside job and studies is health, e.g. wrist issue when playing power chords. If I screw it, I won't be able to write code. 19th October 2015 Some fellows maintain it's not too late for chickadees. Learn a number of catchy songs, throw a party, take your guitar, start playing and all chicks belong to you. But no time to learn and practice. No free room.
  10. Learning electric guitar is just an adventure. Time has come to take the next steps - finish it or start a professional course. 2 years ago I couldn't imagine myself as a guitarist. I got some piano experience in my childhood and I didn't understand massive guitar excitement. Other instruments unpopular? I don't think so. They have bad reputation so players don't boast. However, I like rock/metal music. There is a lot to do on the identity rock scene. Summer 2013. Try something new? Why not? It's never too late. It's the best time to start it by the end of 1st university degree (a lot of free time for writing thesis). I discovered choosing a decent instrument is difficult. Some local high-quality brands, cheap brands, expensive items and many Fender imitations. You can easily sell cheap guitar with low money loss but more expensive guitar increases your motivation. Moreover, I started to work soon. I still have some free time to play Rocksmith but not enough to go to a professional teacher or practice every day. Initial goals 1. Learn to play rock/metal/hardcore on electric guitar from scratch. 2. Form a band and play concerts OR publish covers over Internet. 3. Start a music project and try to create new songs with other instruments. Current goals 1. Enjoy playing Rocksmith and create some more CDLC in free time until my next step. 2. Boost guitar technique to cooperate with others and upgrade hardware OR finish the adventure.
  11. Winter is cold so it's recommended to put on gloves to protect your hands when you go outside. However, most gloves are bad quality and damage your fingers. I'm looking for a good-quality winter gloves that keep your hands warm and do not make things worse. Should the material be smooth inside? Are leather gloves better? Most shops in city centers AKA retail parks sell low-quality clothes for high price. The only difference from cheap equivalents is a popular brand name. I prefer high quality, not fashionable brands. If you (learn to) play guitar... Look at your fingers. You will notice string imprints. Perhaps, your fingertips are ragged. When you touch harsh materials, your skin (peeling) gets worse. You damage your fingertips and touched objects.
  12. Avantasia, Bajm, Big Day, Bracia (x2), Budka Suflera (x3), Colony House, Coma (x2), Dżem (x4), Elektryczne Gitary (x2), Forteca, Guano Apes, Guitar Force (x2), happysad (x3), Hungarica, Hunter (x2), IRA (x2), Irydion, Kabanos, Kasia Kowalska, Kombi (x2), Kult (x3), Lady Pank (x2), Lao Che, Lombard, Luxtorpeda (x3), Maleo Reggae Rockers (x2), Myslovitz, Nightwish, Perfect (x3), Power Train, Sabaton, Scorpions, Skindred, Steven Curtis Chapman, T.Love, TGD, The Analogs, The Frattelis, The Offspring, Totentanz (x2), Urban Foxes, White Lies, Wilki, Within Temptation (x2), Zakopower. The list includes many local bands. I don't spend all my money and time for long excursions to attend rock/metal festivals by all means. Sometimes a well-known artist plays a concert close to my city. I wish I saw Europe and Scorpions live. The most important gigs from the list: 24 June 2016 - European Stadium of Culture - Within Temptation 4 March 2016 - Tauron Arena Cracow - Scorpions 30 August 2016 - Czad Festiwal - Within Temptation, The Offspring, Skindred 29 August 2015 - Czad Festiwal - Sabaton 24 June 2016 - European Stadium of Culture - Within Temptation 27 August 2016 - Czad Festiwal - Avantasia
  13. Zaktualizowany „Honor Legionisty” i „Mały powstaniec” na Dropboksie. Jeśli nie znajdziecie błędów, wrzucę do bazy. Uczę się początku „Zawisza Czarny”. Cały utwór jest trudny. Na pewno początek da się zagrać łatwiej niż w tabach. Co sądzicie o: G 8 H 11 11 11 E 8 | E 9 8 H 11 9 11 G 8 10 11 H 8 G 11 10 8 | D 8 H 10 8 Updated „Honor of Legionist” and „Little Freedom Fighter” on Dropbox and changes will be soon in database. I'm learning „The Black Knight”. It's difficult song. I hope you can play intro easier than in tabs. What do you think of the following version? G 8 B 11 11 11 E 8 | E 9 8 B 11 9 11 G 8 10 11 B 8 G 11 10 8 | D 8 B 10 8
  14. Co nowego: 1. Aktualizacja tabów „Małego Powstańca”. Do sprawdzenia początek, bo z nieznanych powodów autor każe tłumić struny basowe, a może chodzi o lekkie tłumienie. Od teraz połączenie rytm+lead jest jako bonus. Wcześniej został użyty ton domyślny i brzmiał lepiej niż ten z „Final Countdown”. Podbiłem środek - chyba zły pomysł. Poeksperymentujcie w Tone Designer. Jeśli wyjdzie wam brzmienie zbliżone do Horytnicy, zapiszcie ustawienia i podajcie je tutaj. 2. Utwór „Zawisza czarny”. Taby z tej samej stajenki. Niestety sekcja rytmiczna jest uboga. Tu też przydadzą się lepsze tony. What's new: 1. New tab version for „Little Freedom Fighter” has been imported. I don't trust they're correct. Rhytm+Lead combo is a bonus. Previous version used default tone and it sounded better than „Final Countdown” tone. I increased mid freq but it was a bad idea. Experiment with tones in Tone Designer. If you find a tone that sounds like Horytnica, post all settings in this thread. 2. New song „The Black Knight”. Original tabs imported but rhytm section seems incomplete atm. It needs better tones too. Download links: Click to view and download The Little Fighter CDLC Click to view and download The Black Knight CDLC Both still in early BETA versions.
  15. I have the same issue. My left wrist hurts after 5 minutes of playing power chords. My fingers / hand's position may be wrong. However, I didn't feel such intensive pressure in the past. I started to learn electric guitar in March. Some chords were difficult to play clearly. I was also playing songs with power chords in Rocksmith upto 3-4 hours, e.g. "The final countdown". The problem escalated after buying a strap and playing while standing. Imagine playing a live concert - rock, metal, hardcore, Oi! Should I continue learning guitar or switch to key-based instrument? I'm also in programming and many other activities so I can't screw my hands owing to one lady-killer piece of wood.
  16. Husaria - Bóg Honor Ojczyzna Oto kolejny tematyczny CDLC. Nie ma problemu z tempem, ale trzeba właściwie ustawić nuty na gryfie w kilku częściach. Nie wiem, czy akordy mocy w utworze to 24, 46, 57, 02 czy 244, 466, 577, 022. Oceńcie sami. Kolejna kwestia to tony. Hussar - God Honor Fatherland Next work-in-progress CDLC. Finger positions need to be fixed in solo but I need help of experienced guitar players. I wonder whether power chords are 24, 46, 57, 02 or full 244, 466, 577, 022. Try to examine them and give feedback. Next issue are tones. Click to download Husaria - Bóg Honor Ojczyzna Śląski Rycerz już jest w bazie. W następnym tygodniu zgłoszę pozostałe utwory Horytnicy. Silesian Knight has been submitted. I'll submit next Horytnica songs next week. Horytnica - Honor Legionisty Taby zerżnięte z sieci. Ścieżka prowadząca (lead) aktualnie nie ma wstawek dla gitary rytmicznej. Czy dodać? A może jako bonus? Co robiłby gitarzysta prowadzący w utworze o tej budowie, kiedy skończy się jego część - gra tłumione akordy mocy razem z gitarzystą rytmicznym? Zauważcie, że musiałby szybko przejść z solówki (koniec gryfu) do akordów (początek gryfu). Nie było większych problemów z utworzeniem CDLC, a nawet tony z Final Countdown nadają się świetnie. Horytnica - Honor of Legionist Tabs found on the Internet. Lead path doesn't contain rhytm guitar parts as in most CDLC. Should I add them? What does lead guitarist do when his solo part finishes? Does he play muted power chords with rhytm guitarist? Notice that he would have to switch from solo (far frets) to chords (close frets). Tones from Final Countdown seem to fit to the song. Click to download Horytnica - Honor Legionisty
  17. Horytnica - Mały Powstaniec W gotowych tabach brakowało kilku fragmentów, więc uzupełniłem. Sprawdźcie, czy nie ma błędów. Jeśli wszystko gra, wyślę te 3 utwory Horytnicy do katalogu. Na końcu jest flażolet wymuszony - musiałem ręcznie przenieść kilka ostatnich taktów do EOF. To wyższa szkoła jazdy, więc pytanie do zaawansowanych, gdzie go umieścić na gryfie i jak oznaczyć. Horytnica - Little Freedom Fighter New custom song for Windows. Check for errors. If all 3 Horytnica songs are OK, I will submit them to CDLC directory. Last note is an artifical harmonic. How to describe it in EOF and where to put it on fretboard? DOWNLOAD: Horytnica - Mały Powstaniec - CDLC + sources
  18. Dopasowałem tempo ręcznie dla fragmentów. W EOF dźwięki są zsynchronizowane, natomiast w Rocksmithu widać przesunięcia. Jeśli popełnicie błędy w Guitar Pro, czeka was dużo zabawy w EOF. W tym folderze idealny przykład, jak nie tworzyć CDLC. :unsure: Automatyczne ustawianie palców w GP nie zawsze działa, czego dowodem jest fragment od taktu 49. Może zaawansowanym gitarzystom uda się doprowadzić taby do użytku, a jak nie, w wolnym czasie spróbuję je naprawić. Co do Horytnicy - niedługo ostateczna aktualizacja - piszcie, jeśli macie uwagi. Czy znaleźliście błędy? Chodzi głównie o technikę i palce. I have adjusted tempo manually for fragments. In EOF notes are synchronized but not in Rocksmith. If you make mistakes in Guitar Pro, you will spend a lot of time editing song in EOF. Automatic finger adjustement may not work. I hope advanced guitar players will help to fix the song or I will try to fix it myself during free time. Stable version of Horytnica songs CDLC are coming soon.
  19. Dziś inny repertuar. Nie mogę ustawić tempa (BPM) w EOF, aby dopasować cegły do piosenki. Może wam się uda. MixMeister wykrywa 87.76 BPM, ale wtedy widać już na początku, że za mało. Ustawiam 88 BPM, na początku dobrze, potem za szybko. Taby dla GuitarPro napisane prawie od podstaw, więc mogą być błędy. Liczę na pomoc gitarzystów z większym stażem. Twierdza - Nasza Tożsamość - tab + EOF Niedługo zaktualizuję poprzednie CDLC. Tutaj można śledzić zmiany. Więcej utworów nie przewiduję. Chcę skupić się na nauce gry.
  20. W niektórych piosenkach tempo spada lub rośnie stopniowo. Jak to zaznaczyć w EOF? W najbliższym czasie zamieszczę więcej CDLC. Z pozostałymi utworami Horytnicy jest więcej zabawy. EOF nie importuje tabów w 100% poprawnie albo błędy w tabach. English: How to mark progressive tempo growth/fall in EOF?
  21. Ad 4. Podczas gry w kilka osób lub na imprezce zawsze znajdzie się ktoś chętny do wokalu. :) Ad 1. EOF importuje taby od pierwszej sekcji. Potem należy przesuwać wszystkie cegły (CTRL+A), a nie sekcje. Zapomniałem o kolejnej ważnej rzeczy. Tony. Chwilowo pożyczyłem z The Final Countdown, ale do utworu szukam czegoś lepszego.
  22. @BeZi: 1. Dodaję 3s odstępu w EOF. Tam jest opcja re-encode audio. 3. Też tak myślę, że lepiej użyć Riff Repeater, ale czasami lepiej zacząć od łatwiejszego poziomu. 4. Zapisuję w Notepad++ do ISO-8859-2, ale EOF odrzuca. Poszukam innego edytora tekstu.
  23. Hi. I have just started to learn making custom songs to RS2014. It's my first CDLC work-in-process. There are some issues and I'm asking for help. I believe that tabs are good so I haven't modify them. My steps: * EOF - import tabs, lyrics, add 3s delay, some sections * UltraStar Creator - prepare lyrics * Wwise - prepare song for game * Custom Song Creator Toolkit - run DDC and compile song Questions and issues 1. I added 3s delay and moved 1st section a bit to synchronize notes with music. In EOF they seem synchronized. In Rocksmith notes seems to pass too late or it's just an illusion. 2. What sections to create? You can notice intro, verses, choruses, some solos, a long guitar solo and a long outro. How to name parts of this song correctly according to music theory? 3. DDC created difficulty levels almost perfectly except slides and other advanced guitar techniques on the lowest level! If DDC detects phrases automatically, should I better create only 1 section in EOF? Is it crucial to have more sections? If so, help me divide the song into sections accurately. 4. I removed diacritics from lyrics. How to import UTF-8 or WinCP-1250 or ISO-8859-2 into EOF? 5. Other issues? Do tabs need editing in EOF in this case? Polish version Witajcie. Uczę się tworzyć CDLC do Rocksmitha 2014. Na początek Horytnica. Jest jeszcze wiele błędów, dlatego zamieszczam wstępną wersję, aby wykryć i rozwiązać jak najwięcej problemów. Tabulaturę zaimportowałem z sieci bez żadnych zmian. Pytania i wątpliwości 1. Dodałem przesunięcie 3s i zsynchronizowałem cegły z podkładem. W EOF współgrają, ale w Rocksmithu prawdopodobnie występuje lekkie opóźnienie. Oceńcie sami. 2. Ile sekcji utworzyć? Jest wstęp, zwrotki, refreny, solówki, długie solo w środku i na końcu. Nie znam budowy utworów rockowych od strony teoretycznej, dlatego liczę na wasze podpowiedzi. :) 3. DDC utworzył poziomy. Prawie idealnie, ale pozostawił ślizgi i inne zaawansowane techniki na najniższym poziomie. Być może da się poprawić w EOF. Jeśli narzędzie tworzy frazy automatycznie, ile sekcji tak naprawdę musimy stworzyć EOF? Czy lepiej program poradzi sobie z tylko 1 sekcją? 4. Jak zaimportować słowa z polskimi znakami? W jakim kodowaniu? 5. Inne problemy i uwagi? Download link: Horytnica - Slaski Rycerz - CDLC work-in-process demo
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