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  1. Project was funded on Kickerstarter yesterday. Product should ship in August.
  2. Hi all, I just backed this project https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/edgetechlabs/fret-zealot-play-bass-in-60-seconds. They also have a guitar version that has already been released. It would be very cool for some level of integration with Rocksmith. I have not used the product but they indicate that colors are customized so they could be matched to Rocksmith. There is an SDK for both Android and IOS here: https://github.com/edgetechlabs From the FAQ: "All popular (or even marginally popular) songs exist in freely-available MIDI files, so we can display any of the tabs (on Fret Zealot of course) that you find on tablature (tabs) websites. You can also upload or create your own tabs. You can rate each tab so that you and other users can find the best tabs for various songs. We guarantee you will not feel limited by the selection of songs in the app :-)." I know about exporting RS to Tab tools. I'm happy to help but I don't have hardware yet.
  3. Hi - aspiring bassist here. I like inverted strings better in RS. I guess it is closer to Tab for me. I'm curious what other people think and pros/cons for using inverted strings. TIA, Bod
  4. Hi - getting back into RS and the bass. I have been playing with the strings inverted. Any chance you could flip the notes for a bass inverted inlay? Thanks for all you do here! -Bod
  5. Oh, in that case, then not really. For some reason, the fret inlays don't display the upper images in the first couple of frets. The tutorial mentions this, and I just tried it myself a couple of days ago. I am working on a template that works better, but it might only work for the D and G strings in the first couple of frets. I am also only listing the whole notes (no sharps or flats) in mine because I find that including all notes is too busy and hard to read. Anyway, I will share mine when it is ready, but a couple of notes might be missing. Thanks - cool!
  6. Thanks, I found that. It starts on the third fret. Looking for a first fret one or how to make one.
  7. I'm very interested in this feature as well.
  8. Hi - is there a template for bass notes?
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