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  1. been a rammstein fan since 97. i have to go with that.
  2. Does this happen with one specific file, or all CDLC? Do you have the Cherub Rock DLC? If not, you're going to need to convert all of your CDLC in the toolkit.
  3. Someone made CDLC for No Quarter. I think you should definitely check that out.
  4. So far I've got Puscifer this Tuesday, Watain & Mayhem the following Tuesday, Black Sabbath in February. I'm hoping Children of Bodom announce some US tour dates soon.
  5. Happy birthday dude. Thank you for all of your work.
  6. Are you a Bodom fan at all? The first thing that comes to mind is Mercenary's cdlc for Morrigan. I would check it out.
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