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  1. Happy Birthday lostpapers!

  2. Happy Birthday lostpapers!

  3. Gee! Thanks man! I'm not far from here, wishing to make those strings ring again on the Championship CDLCs. I'm just so overwhelmed by my other activities that my head spins. I really hope I'll come back into the championship soon! Keep up the good work, players ;)
  4. Thanks for your great suggestions! I'll give it a try ;)
  5. Greetings fellow players, Toyota has made quite a funny advertisement for their Lane Departure Alert system, in which we can hear 2 metal riffs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7Es71fkgms I really love this style of riffs and would like to get my hand on some CDLS or Tabs of similar songs using this kind of sound. Though I know that the second on is from "Metalsteel - This is your revelation", I cannot find any tab from this group. Anyone here could pinpoint me a CDLC/Tab from a similar style of sound/technique? Cheers
  6. Oh noooo, I missed "When the wild wind blows"!!! Darn, it's really time I start the championship again ok, I'm a beginner class, but I still reach 95% on WTWWB Lead, really!!! I've trained like 4 months on this one. :p Nonetheless I agree with the difficulty score @@Mortalo
  7. I know, I know it is my song, but I was not able to reach 97% :( damn http://lostpapers.free.fr/Rocksmith/Rocksmith2015_20150718_00001.jpg
  8. \o/ yes!!!! my song :) thanks a lot Now, I have to reach the 97%! Still struggling to get past 96% in lead mode
  9. Sorry for this week result. I'm completely adhamed by it. Though I find the track fun, I'm totally hermetic to the various awkward chord changes :( http://lostpapers.free.fr/Rocksmith/Rocksmith2014_20150717_00002.jpg
  10. Good thing that open chords do work, as I'm so dumb with barre chords :) Anyway, quite happy for this result after 3 tries and some RR. Speed and precision are the key issues here, fingers are already sore Note: Really happy for discovering Metric, thanks to the championship http://lostpapers.free.fr/Rocksmith/Rocksmith2014_20150708_00003.jpg
  11. Darn this one is not easy :) http://lostpapers.free.fr/Rocksmith/Rocksmith2014_20150703_00001.jpg EDIT: ok, I've improved somewhat but i don't see how to do better at this moment :) http://lostpapers.free.fr/Rocksmith/Rocksmith2014_20150703_00004.jpg
  12. Wow wow wow... :blink: What a track this beginner's song... 80% on first try, but I'm not sure how I can improve... :D :D :D This is definitely a surprise, almost an "beginner intermediate" song :P EDIT: re-wow, I got awards????? thanks a lot :wub:
  13. Yeah! Finally 97% on Rythm (see previous post) ... aaaaaaaaand .... 98% on Solo! Woot!!! I'm sure I can do better, but that's it for tonight *grin* http://lostpapers.free.fr/Rocksmith/Rocksmith2014_20150625_00005.jpg
  14. OK, here's my temporary submission, as i really hope to do better in the next two days :) http://lostpapers.free.fr/Rocksmith/Rocksmith2014_20150621_00004.jpg http://lostpapers.free.fr/Rocksmith/Rocksmith2014_20150624_00001.jpg
  15. I gave a try at beezleboss, and this is definitely out of my league for the moment. Quite happy with the beginner song for the moment, nice rehearsals. I still have time this week to improve myself, so I guess I'll wait a few days to post my results, unless I master it ;)
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